Dilation.. blood ?

Been using the dilator since October and it hasn't happened until this week.

The last couple of times I used the dilator, still on stage one, it wasn't painful but I did have some watery blood. I am sore inside but nothing dramatic.

Anyone else get this ? Should I phone my nurse ?

Hi Sooze,


Light blood loss (pink) is not unusual with dilators as you break through the adhesions. But if your discharge between using the dilators is changing or increasing, I would just give your nurse a call (i use my radiation nurse) and let them know. They also like to know about darker loss. A quick phone call does wonders to settle the worry. Take care xx

Thanks Bexter,  that's a bit reassuring. I see the oncologist on the 4th April for my latest Mri result but I will phone the nurse on Monday anyway. As you say it helps to put the mind at rest xx