Digestive Problems and Weight Loss

Hi everyone,


Since completing chemo radiotherapy last year, almost a year on I am suffering severe weight loss, diareha and sickness. More so within the last week. My blood tests have shown no concerns but I don't seem to be able to gain weight and have very poor appetite.


Has anyone else suffered the same problems?




Hi Lorraine, can I ask is this a new symptom or is it constant since completing treatment? You poor thing it sounds awful. Have u tried Imodium for the diarrhoea? Also the BRAT diet is good, bananas, rice,toast(white) and Apple sauce. Or just apples with the skin off. I assume you have a doctor looking into this. It may be a side effect of the radiotherapy such as collitis( inflamed lining of the bowel) that's causing the diarrhoea resulting in weight loss And poor appetite. Be careful what anti emetics you take as domperidone( motilium) will increase diarrhoea as it stimulates the bowel. Your gp can prescribe an alternative. 

it might be no harm contacting your radiation nurse for further advice. don't let it go if it's not improving. Hope this helps:)

Thanks for that. I have had symptons since 1 week into the radiation treatment. Seems to have eased slightly but still breaks out occasionally I have to watch what I eat!

Hi. I would strongly recommend the brat diet...absolutely nothing else for two weeks, then if you are a little better, gradually re-introduce other foods slowly. You can then see if there is anything in particular that is doing it. Usually fruit, veg, salads and high fibre stuff makes it worse. Sounds like a severe case of ibs or colitis. I would see your team or gp. Ibs is very common after radio and can be helped with buscopan and ondansetron. Good luck xxx

Wow! That's amazing! I never heard of the BRAT diet before but it's very similar indeed to the diet I was put on for the whole of my treatment.

Be lucky :-)

Hi everyone,


Thank you all for your advice. I am Lorraine's daughter Rachel and I am writing to update you on her progress.

After several trips to the Doctors and to a Councillor about the symptoms my mum descibed above, we ended up in A&E on Wednesday night. Mum had not eaten and was in an incredible amount of pain. She was admitted into hospital for tests. On Thursday she had a CT scan which showed an obstruction in her bowel.  This explained the pain, nausea, lack of appetite and severe weight loss. As she was so weak, they decided to fit a stent in the bowel to open it up and potentially remove the obstuction. Then when she built her strength back up, she would have surgery to remove the blockage.

Following the procedure yesterday, she was in incredible pain and it transpired that the stent had ruptured her colon and she was rushed into theatre at midnight last night. After a 3 hour operation, mum was put in HDU. The surgeons have said that chance are that the obstruction was a tumour.

She is recovering well in HDU but sadly it was more sinister than what we were led to believe. The surgeon was very happy with the operation has he has removed all of the cobstruction.


Thanks again for you support.


achel (Lorraine's daughte)

Bless her! Please give her our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery xxx

What a horrible time she's been having! Please pass on best wishes and hugs