Difficulties getting referred when under 25

I first noticed a problem early this year when my periods became really irregular, I'd have a period, then be bleeding again a week later.
Sometimes during sex I'd get a sharp pain and have to stop, and often had pelvic pain after intercourse. I also started getting unpleasant discharge.
I went to my GP, who told me I just had something like abnormal interuterine bleeding. It carried on and I was given a gel treatment for BV, I was mid-cycle and not due on but the second I used it it caused me to bleed. This was put down to a side effect of the antibiotic gel. I'd only recently had a sexual health check-up so that was all clear.

My symptoms seemed to clear for a few months (minus the discharge, that I've had thrush treatments and all sorts for) and my periods regulated again. The last 2 months I've been experiencing the sharp pains during intercourse and pelvic cramps after again and abnormal discharge. Then this cycle my the symptoms have just spiralled. My period finished near the end of Nov. 4 days later I began spotting again. Suggested perhaps I was suffering a miscarriage, no HCG so was negative so just passed it off as a one-off. Then a few days later I had sex and began to bleed again. Then it stopped for a few days. I went out for lunch a few days later and had to rush to the toilet as I felt something and had passed a large amount of clotty blood. Then nothing over the weekend, until I tried to have sex again and the pain/bleeding occured again. Then stopped. And today has now started again. (my period isn't due for a week and a half).

I called my GP as I'm getting really concerned about symptoms, they're seeing me on friday but on the phone consultation it seems I'm being fobbed off with an infection or abnormal interuterine bleeding, because I'm only 23. I can rule out an STD, as I only use condoms with my partner of nearly a year, and have had a check up early this year. I don't use any contraceptions other than condoms because they send my periods haywire. 

I have a gut instinct that something is really not right. The beginning of the year when the symptoms first came I also lost a lot of weight which was put down to stress. And I'm still looking like a stick (I eat normally, but it's forever put down to stress).

Is there anything I can do to convince my doctor to refer me for a colposcopy? I'm tired of being treated for things I clearly don't have :(

hi cat, so sorry you are being fobbed off. i had same thing with gp but they said mine was ibs. so i just rang gp spoke to receptionist simply said i want to book in for a smear an they made appointment for me. it went from there. you stick to your guns, we know our own bodies. i knew something was wrong and currently waiting to have a loop excision to remove my abnormal cells as they are at least CIN2 maybe CIN3 they said after colposcopy. good luck let us know how u get on.

I agree!!! Listen to your own body and insist on further investigation.