Different HPV type

Hello. Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience…?
In 2018 I had CIN3, HPV positive (not type 16 or 18). I underwent a LLETZ & my last 2 checks were clear. Recent CST has come back positive for HPV18, no cell changes. I’ve been referred for another Colposcopy. Unfortunately I can’t get in with my Gynae for another 6 months. Not sure how worried I should be or if I should be trying to get an appointment elsewhere.

Hello sorry you find yourself in this situation again but no cell changes is great news. I just wanted to advise to get HPV vaccine if you have not done it yet studies suggest it helps inmune system and will stop any new infection from other HPV types, my gynecologist suggested for me when I had CIN3 and CGIN about 1 and a half years ago. Take care and good luck in colposcopy

Thanks Hop1… I will ask my doctor when I see her. I didn’t think it was an option…I’m 40 so assumed because I’m older and already have HPV that it wouldn’t help. I’m willing to try anything at this point.

I had the vaccine at age 42 so you can definitely have it at 40. If you are in the uk you have to pay for it privately. GP won’t do it as far as I know for people our age group is not free but you can have it done at Boots or Superdrug . Take care