Different changes

Hi Guys im new here. 

Ive literally jusy got back from having a colposcopy. I had my smear back in december results came back with low grade changes and positive hpv. During the colposcopy the nurse discovered they were high grade. I opted to have the LLETZ there and then under local. I jusy wondered if this had happened to anybody else she said she would write to me with the results but im a little worried about her discovery when i was first told it was low grade :( 

Hi Laura

oh no! Your post is scaring me so much! I'm having a colposcopy next month after having low grade and HPV diagnosis after my smear, now I'm absolutely terrified they find high grade or cancer after reading your post :( please keep us posted, when will you get your results?

I dont no what to think. In the inital consultation she said she didnt think any treatment would be needed as it may go away on its own. After a few minutes of looking she showed me the screen and there was a large area of white cell and said she wanted to do treatment. I dont understand how the smear results were different. The procedure itself wasnt too bad so please dont worry just uncomfortable when inserting the speculum if thats what its called and the acid stung a little. For me the worst part was feeling like i needed a wee throughout. X

hi there the colposcopy is a more accurate test than a smear that's why if smear shows up as abnormal they do colp to get sample to test further into tissue mine came bk as borderline changes with hpv had colp it turned out to be cin3 the smear doesn't give accurate reading just shows any changes. The chances of it being cc very rare so try not to worry its all routine xxxx


Thankyou im trying not to get in such a state over it. Just worrying i think when its a bit of a shock. Should get my results in 4 weeks they said so fingers crossed xx