Diet/herbs/naturopath/alternative treatments

Hi, i just wanted to have one last try to see if i can find anyone on here to talk to who has successfully reversed cin3 with the use of natural/alternative therapies, ie alkaline diet, herbal douches, herbs, lifestyle changes, etc. I have been trying to do so for a few months; so far i have not succeeded but as far as i know, things are no worse, and i am certainly much healthier than i was. Sorry for asking this question again but i thought i would give it one more shot, as i would be really keen to hear from anyone who has tried this. i am also now considering conventional options if it does not work. i understand that this approach would not be for everyone, and also that many people do not agree with taking this approach, but i would appreciate    anyone's feedback who has tried this but would ask people to please not have a go at me! I would also be interested to hear from anyone who tried this and it didn't work, or from anyone who used it alongside conventional treatments. Many thanks.


What herbal supplements do you mean? I read that AHCC showed promising results in treating HPV. Google: "HPV AHCC" to see various articles about this. The dosage was 3,000 mg (or 3 grams) a day for 6 months. I took this for 6 weeks and sadly it made me feel quite ill towards the 6th week so i stopped. But I took this together wtih other vitamins so maybe that was the reason. I am going back on it this week slowly inreasing to 3g. However, i did have CIN2 and becasue i am due for an IVF in 3m time i opted for LLETZ this time. If you have CIN3 I would recommend doing LLETZ and the herbs as well. Or try 6 months with AHCC then go for another smear. But I would not leave it longer than 6 months - trust me, having LLETZ is better than being treated for cancer. x

Thank you so much Evie for that advice. I haven't heard of AHCC before; i'm going to google it. The herbs i have been taking have been in 'medicine' form, prescribed by a herbalist, and also different ones to us as a douche. I'm thinking about having the lletz as well as i will have to if i give it a while longer and don't see any improvement. I really, really don't want this lletz, i would do anything to avoid ever having it, but yes i know it is nothing compared to actual cancer treatment xxx

Hi, personally I would definitely have the lletz then follow up with herbs  to keep future cell changes at bay, 

 Obviously the immune system needs a good boost so a healthy diet including Green tea, plenty of folic acid and plenty of green leafy vegetables, trying to reduce stress helps (although not always easy to do under the Circumstances) 

I didn't manage to reverse the effects of Cin III myself But then I hadn't put the 'healthy diet plan' into practice.

However, I am doing my very best to Stick to a healthy diet now,

I would ( as probably like many other ladies) have done anything to try to get out of having the lletz but I knew it just had to be done, please try not to worry its over in  no time,

Best wishes xX

Thank you Else for your advice xx