Did you watch on the screen?

I know that some places let you watch on the screen as they do the colposcopy - did you watch? I'm not squemish in the slightest and so part of me wants to look out of interest, whereas on the other hand I think I'll be too scared incase I see something that looks totally abnormal!

Did you watch? Did it make you feel better or worse?


Thanks guys x

My Dr let me watch the staining and then turned off the monitor for both visits for both the biopsies and LLetz. I told him it wad fine that I'm quite interested to see it but he said in his experience it's not a good idea. Almost wish it was on for the Lletz because I never knew when he was doing something so was anticipating pain all the time. Not sure if it'd have been better of I'd seen or not.

For colposcopy alone it's very interesting to watch so go for it if you're not squeamish :)

I said I didn't want to watch but then chamged my mind & wanted to see but then wished I hadn't looked! 

I'm not squeamish either but my cervix & "inside" just wasn't what I expected & it grossed me out a little. 

Have to say id want to watch again though if I had the chance now I know what to expect. 

it'a not everyday you get to meet your cervix! 


I went privately, there was no screen so I couldn't watch even if I wanted to.

The doc showed me the screen when the acetic acid had been put on and showed me where the abnormalities were! I didnt watch the local anaesthetic or the actual cutting away but when I realised it wasnt hurting, I watched the cauterisation and I was fine! Its quite interesting but abit scary that its happening to you! If you want to know what kind of thing you will see to prepare youself, youtube LLETZ and its on there xx