Did you have symptoms prior to having your smear/colposcopy?

Hi everyone

I'm just wondering what urged you to have your smear in the first place, was it just routine or did you have symptoms? and what were your results after colposcopy if you had symptoms?

The reason I ask is because I have been bleeding from sex for some months now which lasts for 3-4 days after, very scary! So went to docs and they suggested doing a smear (my first one as I'm 26 but didn't bother going when I turned 25- regret that now!)

originally it came back that I have low dyskaryosis & hpv but my biopsy result from colposcopy has came back CIN 3!

i don't think CIN 3 causes symptoms as it isn't cancer - is it possible it could be cancer still but they haven't picked it up yet or should the biopsy have been pretty much accurate?

ive just felt something is really wrong since before going to the doctor about my bleeding and this feeling has not helped by the results going from low to severe which makes me think it could be worse yet still !! 

i have a lletz appointment booked and I know it will all eventually get sorted but I think it helps to talk about ones experience and hear about others as well

Hope you are all well

x x x