Did you ever just know?! You know?!

Hi guys! I feel a little fraudulent posting here without a diagnosis, I’m awaiting scams and a smear (when I have stopped bleeding long enough!)
But I feel like I just know! I woke up one morning and it was like it hit me! This is cancer! My nan had cancer 3 times and she said she knew everytime! Just knew!

A little back story…
I’ve been bleeding everyday for about 4 months! When it’s actually my period it’s so heavy I can’t leave the house and full of clots the size of my fist, other days it’s just there when I wipe or do anything to active, sex is a trigger.
I have lots of bumps on my cervix and what appears to be one single solitary wart/skin tag on the outside of my vagina. I’m tired, more than likely anaemic lol among other issues like heavy feeling inside! Like my cervix is going to fall out!

Anyway, my question is, did you just know? What symptoms, if any, did you have that made you think “this is it!”

No, I don't think you can 'just know' tbh.  

I think you fear it which makes you convince yourself it's true but I don't think you can possibly just know.

Have you been to see a gynaecologist 

Hi philleepa, I'm waiting for my referral appointments to come through, as well as abdominal scans and a smear appointment to come through but it's hard when I'm bleeding daily they don't want to do it! My drs wants me not bleeding for 2 weeks before they can do it! I haven't not bled for two weeks since June! I get a day or two reprieve at most! I don't fear it because as yet there isn't anything to fear, I'm sure that will come later though! 

Sorry to hear about your bleeding, any updates? Maybe you have fibroids/polyps?