Did the dr tell you it was cancer at the colposcopy appointment ?

Hi ladies, I have had a small mass removed from my cervix on Monday during my colposcopy appointment. She has sent it away for testing but gave the impression she knew what it was. Did your doctor tell you before the biopsy results? I'm trying to cling on to some hope that because she didn't say outright that it is maybe all fine. So sorry you are all going through a cancer diagnosis, wishing you all love and luck for your treatments. X



I wasn't told at the time of my colposcopy. Had 4 biopsies taken and only after the results came back from those was I told. 

Hoping for the best results for you. 

I was told before my colposcopy. The tumor was clearly visible to the naked eye.

My doctor said he had a strong suspicion as something was pushing my cervix out. 


One GP and two gynaecologists couldn't get a speculum in!  I was examined, under GA, as part of an attempted hysteroscopy.  As I was coming round from the GA the doctor told me they had not completed the hysteroscopy procedure because they had seen abnormalities on my cervix -probable carcinoma.  In my experience,  health professionals differ in how circumspect they are about predicting diagnoses prior to test results.

Hi Ladies. 

I've just been diagnosed with cervical cancer, I have got to have a CT and MRI scan next week to determine the size and wether it has spread,before treatment can be decided, but I just feel numb and can't really take it all in. I have a holiday booked for May I suspect that will have to be cancelled.

hey lovely, sorry that you find yourself in a crappy place, hopefully you will get positive results. I was told that she could pretty much guarantee it was cancer at my colposcopy, but obviously she hoped she was wrong and that biopsy would confirm. 
Love and hugs xx 

Hey sand,

im sorry you've joined our crappy club, it sucks very much but the ladies here are amazing. I was diagnosed at the end of June but didn't start treatment until august, it felt like forever. Other ladies seemed to be in straight away and treatment started quite quickly. 
I wouldn't cancel anything until you know a bit more, and I'm sure that you having a holiday to look forward to will do you the world of good. 
loads of love and big virtual hugs xxx 

Hi sand22 

I too have just been diagnosed and am awaiting a treatment plan. 

I have a weekend break abroad booked in May. I'm hopeful it may still go ahead. Its just nice to look forward to something.

And if it can't go ahead then I will reschedule. You need something to look forward to. 

Hi  xxHHxx

I hope everything goes alright for you, I'm sure we will have some pretty dark days ahead, but stay positive. xx

I too am waiting. Its been the longest 3.5 weeks of my life. I'm terrified. Originally staged at 2a but due to 1 lymph node involvement now stage 3c. Tumour is 2.4mm /9mm on my left side. Haven't met with oncologist (this week) and haven't got a start date. I feel as if I've got a ticking time bomb in my vagina. 

My consultant also removed 2 growths which she said looked "normally abnormal" didn't even send them urgently as she was so sure they were nothing......Obviously this wasn't the case, however my cancer was caught very early so I take that positive out of it! 
I know it's hard but try not to panic until you have the results.xxxx


sorry you find yourself with this diagnosis. The waiting is the worst....once all the scans and tests are done and they decide a stage with plan of care you will feel so much better! Try to look for the positives even when some days it feels like there are none! You've got this xxxx