Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has used diazepam to get through colposcopy. My doctor has precribed me some for my appointment as I'm not coping well at all I have a fear of needles and I'm worrying about biopsies and the length of time it will take to do the procedure. I'm hoping it's going to be effective. thankyou x 


I'm naughty as wasn't actually prescribed them but took a friends, helped

me relax, xX

How many mg did you take x 

I wanted to take propranolol for nerves before mine but decided against it as it interacts with adrenaline (which they put in the local). Diazepam should be fine, just take the dose recommended by your doctor. If you've never taken it before I'd do a trial run just in case you get side effects or it makes you too woozy. Although it seems preferable to be completely zoned out during a colposcopy it's actually not so good for remembering what they've told you! I found it okay though without anything, it was really quick (was in and out of the room within 15 minutes, which included a chat, getting changed etc). Whatever you do though, don't look at the screen! I made the mistake of watching parts of mine and even though all they were doing at that point was dabbing some liquid on it made me just feel a bit queasy! I spent the rest of the exam looking through my fingers like I was watching a horror movie and saying "is it okay to look yet?" haha. Good luck, I'm sure you'll find it much easier than you're expecting. You've probably had a more painful experience today alone through something normal like bumping your toe or plucking  your eyebrows! (that's how I try and rationalise my fears anyway!) 

Hi, as Littlecat mentioned best to take dose advised by your Dr, 

I took one 5mg which worked for me as I'm not used to taking them, only trouble was I did not stop talking throughout the whole procedure Lol, best wishes 

You will be fine xX

Thanks littlecat I will not be looking at the screen. My partner will be in the room with me. I hope Its not as bad as I think X 

Else did you have lletz when you took the diazepam ? X 


Yes, I did have lletz, like I said it wasn't actually prescribed for me so really I should of asked first if I could take diazepam, I was fine xX