I’m very confused. The hospital are recommending that I have ‘diathermy’ as treatment for CIN 2.

They initially suggested LEEP/LLETZ but I explained I was worried about this due to possible risks to future pregnancies.

The hospital are telling me that diathermy is different to LEEP/LLETZ and poses less risk as it is less invasive (they said it will ‘burn off’ the abnormal cells as opposed to removing some of my cervix). Is this accurate as when I Google diathermy, it seems to be linked to LEEP/LLETZ? Any insight would be great :slight_smile:

Hi Becky,

I had Diathermy ablation after my first LLETZ. I watched them do it on the screen in the colposcopy clinic. They had done the LLETZ and felt there were still more abnormal cells and to be on the safe side they did Diathermy.

It was painless as they had numbed my cervix and they just used a little instrument that cauterised the whole of my cervix. I could smell the burntness a little but the whole thing was okay. And is definitely a good alternative to help preserve the cervix.

Hi @Lemon_Lavender

Thanks so much for replying. This makes me feel a bit better.

Do you know whether it’s the case that after it (like 6 months or so) you would have a follow up smear to check the cells are gone as there would be no tissue to be sent for testing like there would be would be with the LEEP?

Thanks again!

Hi Becky,

My understanding in the UK is that we will have 6 monthly smears up until there being no abnormal cell changes found and then it changes back to three yearly x