Im 3 n half weeks post treatment at what stage did u all start using the dreaded dialaters im still experiencing pain down there mainly before n after using the loo it is not as bad as it was n there is still blood in my urine sorry tmi i am worried bout starting to use them but i know it prob bout time i did xxx

I was about 6 weeks after treatment finished,my nurse gave a start date for it. Dont worry about using them,just go slowly and use plenty of lube. And dont panic if you see a little bit blood or pink x

Thanks  i was  panicin that  i haven't  started  using  them  yet i was  gonna  wait till  im not sore  but  the  soreness  seems to b  lasting  so long x 

It will be sore for a while. I still get niggles now and again. I have my 2nd check up tomorrow...eeek x

Good luck  for tomoz  i dnt  get a scan  till 26 weeks  after  treatment  ended i see my consultant  st end of month  x

Thankyou x

Hi help me

I was given my dilators 3 weeks after treatment and started them straight away..I was lucky I didn't av any soreness tho and haven't had any trouble using them..if ur unsure ask the nurse I'm sure they will give u advice..3 weeks is still early days tho 

Diagnosed Sept 2016 2a2 adenocarcinoma with lymph involvement 

Treat ment started Nov 7th

25 radiotherapy 

5 cisplatin 

3 brachytherapy 

First check up April 2017

Thanks it slowly  getting  better  just  worried  the dialaters gonna  make it worse  x