Diagnosis in younger ladies?

Hi ladies, 

The positivty on this forum is amazing, I cannot believe how brave all of you are!

I am yet to recieve my diagnosis from my biopsies however I wondered if there were any women under 30 that have been diagnosed? 

I am 24 and have had ongoing bleeding and unusual pain for many years, went back to my GP who wouldn't refer me because of my age and luckily a locum doctor was in who told me that I should have been referred a long time ago.

My gyaene told me that she shouldn't be seeing 'a girl of my age in a cancer clinic' and that everything looked normal, but then the biopsies came back as abnormal and I was called back in. Have waited 6 months and went back for 3 biopsies last week and I am now just waiting on the results to see if there has been a development. 

The gyaene told me that it is unnecessary to test women under 25 as it is really rare, yet I felt like saying to her but there ARE women being diagnosed under 25, should we not have the option to have a smear if we want or if we feel something isn't quite right? 

Sorry to rant, but it would be nice to talk to anyone who feels the same way or who has been in a similar situation.

Lots of love and healing thoughts to all of you x


Sorry to hear you had to wait so long for them to look into this for you. I was diagnosed at 1b1 at age 26 however before the rules changed in Scotland so I had 2 smears age 20 and 23 before this was found which boht came back clear. I am currently waiting on an audit of those smears as I wonder if one was misread. So clearly if it was found earlier before the age of 25 then it could have been caught. What I am trying to say is I totally agree and I don't get why just because certain stats may say that it is unlikely doesn't mean it does not happen below the age of 25! Unfortunately now I think they don't test below age 25 often as I have read on here the lab won't read it even if the smear is done.

I am glad they finally listened to you. I think we know our own bodies and drs often just brush off our symptoms x



Hi Misstell,

Thanks for your message, just reading that I have realised that I never actually got a letter for my smear results, so I just assumed they were ok, but actually it's likely they didn't even read them, I remembed the consultant telling me that now.

Sorry you have had a hard time, so good to hear you're all clear though. 

So was it your third smear at 26 that came back as cancer? And yes definitely, I think we should all at least have the opportunity to have ourselves tested and the results read. I am sure that it would catch some people at an earlier stage before it turns cancerous, they say that it takes 10-15 years to develop but surely this is not the case for us all as women are being diagnosed in their early twenties, surely it couldn't be developing since they were 5/10 years old? But who knows! Even it has been developing form that age we should still have the chance to be tested.

Just awaiting my results from my second lot of biopises so fingers crossed. 





Yes, that's right, the 3rd smear at 26 detected something, I then was called into get a colposcopy, the dr there thougth CIN 3 but then got a phone call to come in urgently and was told it was cc. So both my smears at age 20 and 23 were totally clear, that is why I think one was misread as not sure how cc developed from no CIN and clear smear to 1b1 in 3 years..

I see your signature is upated, was it definitely cin 2? Glad they listend to you finally! x 

Hi all,


Haven’t posted here in ages but hello! 


I was diagnosed stage 1b1 at 26... Had no major worrying symptoms before this so it came as quite a shock. I actually put off getting my smear at 25, not through fear but I’m a major workaholic! 


I do agree that women younger than 25 should have a smear should they request it due to symptoms (100% can’t stress this enough!) as I know that women under 25 are sometimes not listened to by doctors as the risk of cancer is slim. I also think it’s as simple as that they are stretched and will sometimes try to rush you out of the door as quickly as possible! However, I was told by my oncologist before my op that the reason it isn’t routine before 25 is that the woman’s body changes regularly before that age. So if a woman has pre cancerous cells in her teens and early 20’s, they are likely to reverse themselves and normalise and they could be in danger of over treating a generation of young women which, of course, would not be beneficial. 


I was told, though, that had I have put my smear off for any longer I may have been in a much tougher position, as it appeared fairly aggressive (not sure how they established that!) so its a difficult one to call really! 


Anyway best of of luck to you all. It’s the scariest thing ever but there is light on the other side. I know it’s easy for me to say after the all clear and I think about those who aren’t so fortunate every day... But anyway.... Stay strong. You got this ladies!!! 




Just to update you I found out on 1 December that my 2013 smear was misreported and after an audit it was found to have moderate changes that if it was correctly reported at the time would have been treated before it turned into cc. So at age 23 I could have been advised and had the treatment but they missed it. 

Hi reginald2017

I just thought I would reply and tell you my story. I had a clear smear at 25 and started having mild symptoms  of cc at 27. Unfortunately I put off going to the doctor for 6 months and when I did go I was quickly referred and treated for cervical cancer. So 5 months prior to my second smear I had developed cc.

I am a logical person and could understand how I had cc after being clear 2 1/2 years previous. I was told the presence of HPV can accelerate the development of cervical cancer. My smear in 2011 didn' test for HPV. I understand now all smears are HPV tested and this is and inducter of the level of risk of developing cc.

I hope you are doing well, 


I was diagnosed  with stage 3b just  before  my 28th birthday