Diagnosis at the colposcopy?


just wondering if anyone knows if cervical cancer can be diagnosed from the initial

colposcopy? I am due one this week,I've spoke to the nurse on the phone about my smear results and she has advised me not to 

drive so I can have treatment on the day. I'm assuming lletz maybe. I am aware a biopsy is usually taken and sent off to the lab

but I wanted to know if they are able to spot CC beforehand during the colposcopy?

I would be grateful to anyone who knows or has experienced a diagnosis in this way.

Thank you for this great hall of information on here, it's certainly helping me.  I Cant wait for it all to be over.   

hugs x x x x 


I don't think they can give you a definite answer just by looking.

When I had mine, the doctor said he didn't think it looked like cancer but that was all. He took a biopsy and I got results 4 weeks later to say I had CIN3 pre cancerous cells that would benefit from treatment with an appointment for 2 weeks later.

I had lletz treatment and was told that I would be called back in 6 months. I asked if I would receive another letter with results but I was told no they had it all. I'm in Scotland so I'm not sure whether that makes a difference. 

Although I think they may have an idea when looking they aren't able to say a definite yes or no.

I hope all goes well for you x

Hello Jess,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

It would appear treatment and processes vary across different hospitals.  I'm lucky to be having the lletz done at my first colposcopy.  

Doesnt it give you a lot to worry about eh!  What makes it worse is all the waiting round .. When your up against something like this

time is the one thing we value most. 

For now, for me, it's the start of something I simply can't describe. No matter what happens in my app pending I know this will change me 

forever.  x

I was told at my colposcopy that he was 99.9% sure it was cancer,but it think the smear result also showed extensive cell changes and he was taking both things and experience all together. 

Hi there sarah

Just wanted to wish you well for your appointment . I'm 2 months post treatment . Had my colposcopy and biopsy  in December and LLETZ in march with CIN3 and high grade dyskaryosis/high risk HPV :-( have to go for a smear in September now 

Can totally relate to how you are feeling , this has definitely changed me and havnt felt the same since. Sometimes I think it's just me.. It still causes me to worry and I know how you feel . 

Take care hope all goes well