Hi everyone,
Just had the news that I have CC, I went for a smear on the 1st march was called by GP 8th march was told I have high grade changes and would be called to attend a colscoscopy. Had app for 20th March upon arrival Gynae said he wasn’t doing any treatment and it would be a biopsy taken, during the biopsy he asked me to attend his clinic 24th March I knew then. Arrived on the 24th to be told it’s cervical cancer and to wait for MRI. I have private healthcare through work so have MRI booked in for Thursday 30th. Will I be told anything at the MRI and where will the results go?
I have had all app’s through the NHS so far but the MRI is booked privately as I haven’t even had a date from NHS for MRI will the results go back to dr that referred me to the private hospital?

Hi Riajane

i too hadn't scans privately and the results went back to the gynaecologist. I had the results within the week,

hope this helps


Hi Riajane ;-)

I guess those are questions you should ask at your appointment today.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Riajane

Best of luck with your appointments.

I had a very similar experience to you and was diagnosed on 20th March.

I had my MRI on Weds this week, they won't tell you anything as the Consultant would need to see all results from all tests and then they would have a multi-disciplinary meeting to discuss case before presenting the results back to you at your appointment.

I was tempted to ask the people that did my MRI if they saw anything, but knew they wouldn't be allowed to tell me!

Hope you've got your dates booked in now?

Best of luck and let us know how you get on



Hi Riajane

My story in brief, clear smear Jan 2015, cc found in smear Mar 2017, colposcopy for biopsies perfomed the same day, MRI 1 day later, then needed PET to check for any other involvement which I had last week, with all this information the team were well equipped to implement a treatment plan.

After an internal examination yesterday the staging of 2b was confirmed.

i begin my rad/chemo on 12 April, 28 external, 5 cisplatin and 3 brachytherapy within a 6 week time frame.

The testing and waiting is the worst part, now I know exactly what I have and that the team are so confident of a cure I feel so much more at ease, roll on the treatment!

Answering your question re MRI etc, the operators can see the images but are not permitted to say a word, even when my husband had a spinal tumour last April, he explained to the operator that he was flying out to Spain that same day and would that be ok, they knew he had a tumour but didnt say a word, luckily the trip went ok but he was paralyzed 3 weeks later!

Wishing you lots of luck, try to remain calm until you have all the information, easier said than done I know!

Wendy xx


I can't work out how to post to the forum but i have just been told i have a tumour on my cervix and have to go for an mri scan as the doctor thought it was cancerous. I had symptoms of bleeding, unusual discharge and pelvic pain. Doe sthis mean that it is advanced. I had a ct scan and they seemed to think it was only in the cervix is this accurate? i'm really really scared and jut need to talk to other people about this Anni x