Diagnosed Yesterday

I don’t know how to feel or act. I was diagnosed yesterday and now have to wait till 7th March when I am having an MRI, a CT and possibly a PET scan. As I am 45 and won’t be having any more children, I would prefer a full hysterectomy but I do understand that maybe radio/chemo could be the better option. I just want the best solution. Two weeks ago, I was ok, now I am a patient, I am so scared.

Big hugs to you. I know what you are feeling As I have been there too. I found the worst part was the waiting and not knowing. once I knew I was able to face and tackle it head in. Keep strong and try and stay positive xx

Oh bless you! It's so scary isn't it, and the waiting to find out what stage you are and what treatment will be offered is quite definitely the worst part. I was 50 whan I was diagnosed so not too different from you, although in my case the menopause had already just begun.The treatment you will be offered will depend very much upon what stage your cancer has reached; below a 2b it is likely to be a hysterectomy, 2b and above is likely to be chemo-rads followed by brachytherapy. I have had all of them just for the extra fun of it ;-)

Stay away from Google and ask all your questions on here, there are loads and loads of us here willing to help you with answering questions, offering support and everything that might possibly help.

From the point of view of someone who has never had to think about such things as chemo or radiotherapies, or big surgery either, it is normal to think that a hysterectomy is, relatively speaking, a walk in the park whereas the other therapies are much harder to handle. This is not the case. Very many of us are surprised to find that chemo-rads for cervical cancer are much more doable than for other types of cancer, or that a radical hysterectomy is far more invasive than we had imagined. I apologise if I have said this a little too soon. At the moment there is absolutely nothing you can do about any of it. 7th March isn't too long to wait so if it's at all possible try to enjoy your time until then rather than thinking and fretting about things about which you can do nothing. And finally, this is a very, very curable cancer so don't start thinking the worst!

Be lucky :-)

Sorry you have had to find yourself here Terkay but you'll find great help and support here, this is def the best place for help and advice. I'm in the same boat as you just found out today that my Mri will be on 8th March, been waiting since diagnosed on 5th February, so happy to finally have a date and its not too long to wait now. 10 days and counting for you, 11 for me xx

Same here found out yesterday cc waiting for mri heads melted

Hugs Ducky2000, hope you get your MrI soon. This forum is great everyone so helpful. Take care x

Hi Ducky :-)

Sorry to hear that you have had to join us here but so glad you have found us. First of all, keep well away from Google. Second of all, whilst we are all raised to fear cancer and snakes, not all cancers and not all snakes are as bad as all that, and cervical cancer is very, very curable, so please don't let your head melt any more :-)


Be lucky :-)

Stay strong, ladies. Lets hope for the best!

Hi girls just got date for mri 10 March diagnosis 22Feb do you think that's to long to wait on mri

Hi ducky2000, your wait time is more or less the same as mine, i had lletz on 21st January, was diagnosed on 5th Feb and my Mri is 8th March. I was told that because I had lletz surgery under general anaesthetic they had to wait at least 6 weeks between the surgery and Mri. It's been so frustrating waiting. Nurse told me once mri takes place eveything starts to move much more quickly. Fingers crossed the next week flies in for both of us x

Hi shazzal thanks for the reply hope you're keeping well my story is smear 21 Jan severe cin3 biopsy at gya 11 Feb cin3 and inconclusive colop punch bio 22Feb confirmed cc no stage eua 4March cancel waiting result mir.

I understand how you feel. I knew I had cancer but yesterday my world crashed. I came into to meet this doctor for the 1st visit to talk about options. She was awful. She walked in and said "I don't agree with your stage I am changing in to 1b2 and you need chemo. No hello no hey how are you. After I stop crying I found this site and started reading and now looking for a 2nd opion. I amd 41 and a very positive person. This awful doctor can bite me I will find a treatment this right and kick the crap out this cancer. 

Aww Kricket what a nightmare. Def try for another dr, my dr is so lovely, I can't imagine someone being so insensitive. I'm still waiting for my staging, Mri next week will establish that. Keep your chin up xx

Hi Kricket :-)

Really glad you have found us here. So sorry your Dr didn't have the best bedside manner in the world, some of them are a bit, how shall we say? autistic? But they mean well and they know their stuff and in hindsight, if I'd had the option of chemo instead of surgery I'd have taken it.

Be lucky :-)

Diagnosed on 1st...My MRI and CT is on the 9th - seems next week will be a busy one. My head also very messed...trying to work and be normal but not doing well....speding most of my time in here and on the internet..and thinking the worst...i think once scan results are in and the uncertainty is removed, the clarity will help me get control ;-(

aww hugs marlboroughlady, sorry you have to find yourself here. The waiting is the worst part, next week can't come quick enough, my mri is on Tuesday. I couldn't cope with work, I've been off since my lletz.  I wanted to go in and try and have some normality but I had too much pain and am sooooo tired. Fingers crossed all ok for you next week xx

Hi marlboroughlady :-)

Spend all day in here if you like but try to give the rest of the internet a wide berth, it's not at all helpful. You will find that this first phase is the worst and that once the uncertainty is removed and you can see your opponant's face it all becomes so much more manageable.


Scans done today - hope all others went well too. CT scan was fine and over very quickly indeed. My only concern was when the nurse asked when my next appointment was with the consultant? Why would she ask this unless she saw something in the scan? ;-(......i asked if she could tell me anything but of course she couldnt......so i am now panicked about what she said.....and then for the MRI - i am a claustrophobic person....and i panicked as soon as i saw the machine - the nurse was great and let me go in feet first instead - which meant my head was almost out most of the time....i have to admit to having to press the panic button once though and lots of deep breathing whilst in there. Sadly all of the nurses talking and reassurances where not being heard - the volume had been switched down - so i had 25 mins in the scanner without knowing what on earth was going on - when it would move etc....so i think mine was an exception and not the norm...needed a large DRINK afterwards to calm me down.....next step awaiting staging results....

How did others get on with thier scans?

Oh God I loathe MRIs! Thankfully all my tests here are CT scans but I had an MRI 30 or more years ago for a slipped disc and I have never felt so claustrophobic in my whole life! Feet first and head out sounds brilliant!

Try not to read anything between the lines when medical staff talk to you. She may have simply been making conversation. She doesn't have the time to get involved in an in-depth conversation with you so is unlikely to ask what you're doing later this afternoon or anything like that. The only thing she does know about you is that you will, at some point, be seeing the consultant. It is a quick and simple polite thing to ask, it cannot be misconstrued, you cannot take offence. Some people get upset if the staff don't smile, some people get upset if the staff do smile, it's a tightrope that they walk and her question to you is probably the safest possible thing she could have said.

Be lucky :-)

results are back - originally 1a1 but now 1b....size was larger than first thought ...but the scan also confirmed that there was nothing to see on the cervix but one enlarged node. i have to say - that the waiting was indeed the hardest - i know exactly what we are dealing wiht and the treatment plan ahead - helps a whole lot ;-) thanks all for the suport ;-)