Diagnosed yesterday


where do I start? Sorry if it's long

had smear last august results came back abnormal cells and smear to be repeated at 6 months. this was done in march, came back as cin3 I think. Had colposcopy on 5th April and lets treatment and biopsy done there and then.

long 4 week wait for results and I get a call saying doctor wanted to see me yesterday.

he gets straight to the point and says cancer was found , luckily my partner was with me as I was hysterical.

i never heard much of the conversation after that unfortunatelY.  after a couple minute break he explained that it's in early stages and I've to get an MRI within 2 weeks and that a hysterectomy is the treatment .

is this normal? I'm worried he never told me the whole truth, I've not slept all night 

has anyone ever been told it's early then after MRI it's further on? 

Please can someone help me here am losing my mind and don't know what to do.

Hi, sorry to hear of your diagnosis but like I was told when I was first diagnosed back in Feb you've definitely come to the right place.. the ladies on here are wonderful support that I've found invaluable! 

Im no doctor but I can give you an example of what's happened to me...it's been a rollercoaster of 9 or so weeks since I had the news that my lletz had shown cancer...initially my colposcopy doc told me it would be a hysterectomy but like you I was sent for Mri and a ct scan and they gave me an initial staging of at least a 1b2 possibly 2a which meant I didn't fit the criteria for a hysterectomy and was told I would jump straight to chemorad but that they wanted to do more checks so I had a pet scan and then a eua...and after the mdt have put it all together they've downgraded my staging to a 1b1 which now allows me to have a hysterectomy!! Talk about messing with the emotions!! So what I'm trying to say is I actually came on this forum and asked the exact same question that you've just asked...if they've already told you it's early stage then that's what it is..they wouldn't say this if they really didn't think it was..now they will send you for various scans and procedures just to give it a staging so they  know which way forward is going to work for you..as the wonderful ladies on here kept telling me these next few weeks are for sure the hardest because you have no control and no idea what direction your going to take...now I know what treatment plan is ahead of me I feel much more confident about the whole thing...hang in there..you've got this! Remember early stage cc is extremely curable...good luck and keep using the forum...

im sure someone else will pop along soon with their story and advise as well..


kay xx

Hi Kay, thank you so much for the reply. Sorry to hear about your situation as well. 

Ive not slept much the past 2 nights and haven't ate anything, I feel like I have this lump in my throat and a pain across my chest it's feels like I'm suffocating. 

I just want the scans done asap so we can move forward and I know it will drag on the next few weeks which is not helping. 

Ive got a good support group with friends and family which Ive already told, this was the worst. 

Im only 33 but have 4 wonderful kids so if I need a hysterectomy then I'm in a better position to make that decision than a lot of young ladies who don't yet have kids.

Debbie xx


Hi Debbie,

sorry to hear about your diagnosis as it is such a hard thing to hear and then wrap your mind around. When I was first diagnosed from a lletz procedure the dr believed it to be very early and told me that I would most likely need a hysterectomy. After scans and such I was upgraded to a 2b. The reason I'm telling you is this.....

most gynae dr are not gynae oncologists. Until you have some scans and such there is really no way to know. However, there is 2 ways that combined they will give you your staging 1. Clinical exam (sometime under GA sometime not) and 2. Through scans (MRI , CT,PET scan, x-rays, even ultra sounds.) Once they get both done is when you will get your scan. 

Now, if your dr does suspect you are an early stage then you are most likely so, or close to. BUT I want to stress that the treatment for even an early stage can be the same as a higher stage. What it comes down to is either a radical hysterectomy with lymphnode removal OR chemorad. This will be determined when all scans and such are completed. 

I do recommend that you stay away from Google and stay busy To keep your brain occupied with other things. Cc is very curable and you will get through this!!!

big hugs

Good luck with the scans. As above they need to do all the scans, MRI and examination to confirm everything lines up.

They may know it's early from the tissue they have already taken away from you.

When i was diagnosed they knew it was 1b1 at least because of the size of the tissue they took away where there was the tumour. After all the scans I was confirmed at the same stage as they initially thought.

I did ask my surgeon this question and he said that in 15% of cases the staging goes up ( so not a very high amount), hope this statistic helps you it did for me. Now is the absolute worst time and very difficult to not let your mind play tricks on you. If they've told you they think it is early then the staging is likely to confirm this, but they need to check everything before decided on the best treatment plan for you.

Keep posting here the ladies are wonderful.

Good luck!



Hi Debz,

I have also recently been diagnosed (still waiting for my staging results and treatment plan).  I've had MRI scan on Tuesday (2nd May) and I am scheduled for an EUA tomorrow (Saturday).  I, like you, had a mixture of emotions.  I just want to get through this staging process and have a treatment plan in place so that I know what I'm facing. This is a great place to visit for questions, the ladies on here are lovely and helpful xxxx