Diagnosed yesterday

Hi all,

I recieved a letter on Saturday inviting me in for a meeting to discuss my Lletz biopsy and future management plan. To be honest I got myself in such a state over this meeting and knew it was going to be bad news.

The consultant said that there was Cancer present in the biopsy but the Lletz had removed it with clear margins, I was tols it is Adenocarcinoma and I now need and MRI scan, chemo/radiotherapy and a Hysterectomy. Oddly I felt better knowing, though I was initially very upset. Has anyone else been offered the same treatments, these had been determined in a meeting last Thursday. My question is im not sure how Im supposed to be feeling, ive cried and then been ok and then cried again for no reason. I worry about telling others as it seems to upset them more than myself.

If anyone is in a similar position and would like to contact me please do, im finding it hard also with the hubby as he is not overly understanding and doesnt get why im so upset, has anyone elses partners struggled and not wanted to discuss it.

Thanks for reading xx

Leanne xx


Sorry to hear your news Leanne.  My situation is slightly different in that it wasnt adenocarcinoma and I didn't need chemo/radiotherapy.  They offered a hysterectomy but I chose a cone.  The emotions you describe are perfectly normal, it's like a rollercoaster and I promise you'll feel better in time.  My other half was understanding but didn't really want to talk about it.  However, later in the process he told me that he'd researched it a lot and that he had been worried but kept it to himself.  Maybe that's their way of coping. 

Take care and always happy to have a chat if it helps.

Sara xx

Hi Leanne I was also diagnosed like you on 26th! My head is all over the place and I feel very emotional although trying to keep it together for family. I'm booked in for EAU on 6th May and im waiting for MRI date.


Good luck


Karen xxxx

Hi Leanne,

I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis. 2015 pap smear negative then april 2017 I had a pap smear which came back ais, then coloscopy with gyno who confirmed a small lesion with a few cancer cells, she said it looked early stages. I'm having a cone biopsy on Wednesday, I'm scared witless and totally miserable ,even tho I'm trying not to be as I have 5 beautiful children .  upset is an under statement! I think its totally normal and my partner & family are all so supportive but they are remaining positive and think I'm stark raving mad I think. I'm in Queensland Australia, where are ladies from?


Welcome to the forum. This is the best place for support and to have questions answered, so I'm glad you've found us.

I only drop back in from time to time now, but I saw your post and wanted to offer you some encouragement.

I don't know your staging, but if they removed the tumour with a LLETZ, you're probably very early stages. Also, from what I've read and see on here, doctors don't offer hysterectomies for stages beyond stage 1.  All of this is very good news. I know you're in total shock right now - we've all been there - but this is truly a very treatable cancer. If someone hasn't already told you, if you're going to have cancer this is one of the best ones to get: there are very effective treatments and a huge chance of a total cure.

I was in your boat this time last year. I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, had the hysterectomy and now have had 2 clear 6 month checks. I know this is going to sound impossible, because it did to me too last year, but now I rarely think about it. 

So, chin up sweetie, you can do this. Ask about a trachelectomy ( can't remember the spelling) if you still want children, otherwise do the hysterectomy and move on. I didn't have chemo or radiation - it depends on your staging within stage 1 and whether any lymph nodes are involved.

Good luck,

love t xx


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Hi Leanne :-)

Welcome to the forum :-) I am sorry for your diagnosis but you're in the best place now :-) Something here is not adding up. First let me tell you that I had adenocarcinoma, a hysterectomy and chemo-radiation therapy but it is fairly unusual to have all of those treatments. If all of your cancer has been successfully removed with clear margins by a LLETZ then, depending upon what the MRI scan shows, it would be normal to have a hysterectomy. If the MRI shows that there is more cancer around then it would be normal to skip the hysterectomy and go straight for chemo-radiation therapy instead, but not as well.

There is no 'correct' way to be feeling. Most people are frightened, upset, tearful and others, like me, just find it all really interesting and treat it a bit like an adventure. Your hubby may well be bottling his emotions up. He may just be trying to put on a very brave face in front of you when in fact he is scared out of his wits. You need to talk with him very calmly about this or get him to open up to someone else if he doesn't feel he can discuss it with you.

You're in great company here and we'll support you right through your treatment whichever it turns out to be. :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Leanne

Really sorry to hear of your diagnosis but really pleased you have found the forum! The women on here are fantastic and have been a lifesaver for me these last few weeks.

As Tivoli says above, they will be doing a lot of scans and examinations to determine the exact staging which will determine the best treatment plan. It is unlikely they would do surgery AND chemo/rads, as both are shown to be equally as effective so if they can remove with surgery only they are likely to do this. It tends to depend on the size of the tumour if this lines up with what they see in MRI and examinations.

It sounds like they've got everything with the LLETZ which is great news! It might be a similar situation to mine ( mine is squamous cell rather than adeno). With mine they removed 1cm by 2cm with LEETZ and then did all the routine scans, examiniations etc which matched up to a 1B1 staging.

I've just had trachelectomy surgery last Friday and recovering well, so definitely ask about this option if you wish to preserve fertility. Happy to talk on private message if this helps.

Good luck, you're very brave and we're rooting for you.