Diagnosed yesterday - what happens next?

im 27 years old and went in for a Pap test. It came back abnormal... I wasn’t overly worried, but was sent for a colopscopy. The doctor said it looked like CIN3 and she would send out the biopsy. The biopsy came back as microinvasive.... My case was then given to an oncologist but I wasn’t given a cancer diagnosis. I had the leep procedure done and that biopsy was sent off as well. Within a week I got the call from my oncologist telling me I had cancer and would need to start treatment ASAP. She said I’d be getting a call from the Cancer clinic within a day or two and I’d be called in for an MRI within a week. I’m so scared and have no idea what’s going to happen next. Can anyone share their stories or tell me what I should expect next?

hi there,

im sorry to hear that you are joining this terrible club..

I had been having the worst discharge since January (watering, brown and awful smell). it has been non stop.

i thought perhaps i had left a tampon in and it was creating these symptoms. went to a walkin clinic and was told that my cervix was enflamed and there was a spot that was bleeding. this dr told me he couldnt do a pap because of it and instead did a smear for BV. i had a pap already book so i wasnt too concerned that that wasnt happening. smear came back bv, took atibiotics and nothing changed. went to my pap and the dr said right away that she was putting a referal in to oncology. she did a swab but i knew that it was cancer. got a call for a biopsy/colposcopy before result came back. i was told i would be able to watch it on the screen and i was eager to as i had been looking at images online so that i could compare. a few minutes into the colposcopy i asked to look and the dr quickly said the cameras were down...another big red flag. he did a biopsy and endo scraping. a few days later i got my pap results saying i had abnormal cells but not cancer. six days after biopsy i got a call to go in and was told i have booth invasive squamous cancer of the cervix and endo cervical and was going to be refered to cancer clinic. i have had an MRI and seen my radiation oncologist. was told its stage 3 and spread to one pelvic node and a bit of vaginal wall. waiting for the chemo dr appointment, ct planning scan appointment and PET scan appointment.. all in that order. treatment wont start until after the PET scan.

i will tell you this and im sure you will read a lot about it as well, things can go very slowly. there is a lot of waiting and a lot of appointments but treatment will start quickly after all results are in. you may be offered the same treatment as me (depending on your stage) or a hysterectomy, or both. you will be in the best hands with any cancer clinic. mine offers lots of free services..even sex thereapists :) and you should use any available to you. even at stage 3. my dr is treating to cure.

i hope this was helpful to you. if you have any questions, feel free to ask.





sorry to hear your news. 


I have received the exact same news, waiting for my MRI now and I actually don’t know what they mean by microinvasive. 


How are you now? Have things moved on since your original post? 



Hi ElaEla

Sorry that you’ve had this diagnosis. The waiting I’ve found is the worst part and although it feels like forever things do move quite quickly.

I believe Micro invasive means that they need a microscope to see the cancer rather than there being a visible growth. So early stages which is the best of a crap hand that is being diagnosed with CC. 

I might be wrong.

Good Luck xxxx