Diagnosed with HPV and high grade ( severe) dyskaryosos

Hi I am new here. I had a letter a couple of months ago inviting me to my first smear. I had my first smear test 7 weeks ago and got my results in the post saying I am HPV positive and have high grade severe dyskaryosis. In the letter it says we have requested a colposcopy appointment for you. I am 24 years old and was very shocked when I found out I can’t stop crying and it’s constantly on my mind. I feel like I have always done the right things I’ve always carried out safe sex and had STI checks. After researching I know HPV can contracted from skin to skin. I’m so scared it could be CC. I have no idea how long I have had HPV which worries me cause does this mean I have a higher chance it would be cancer. I have had so many questions running threw my mind the last week. I have told my boyfriend he has been very supportive. I’m guessing that they will remove the abnormal cells I have no idea what to aspect from the appointment. My heart pounds out of my chest every time I think about it. I’m so scared worried and anxious and panicked. Does this effect my fertility? having children is something we were thinking about in the next couple of years. I rang my GP and they said I should been seen in weeks and not months. It’s been a week and I haven’t heard anything? How long does it take once referral has been made? And how long does it normally take to here back from them? I am being seen on the nhs but has anyone ever been seen privately I just want things to be done as quickly as possible as I’m worried if the longer I leave it things could get worse. I’m in such panic mode and I feel I can’t tell anyone but my partner all I want to do is just cry every day.

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Hello Jade24 I am sorry you feel like this I am 43 and was diagnosed with HPV high abnormal cells 1 year ago and was an absolute shock so for you at a younger age must be more difficult. But please try not to worry abnormal cells are totally treatable .
And no you have not done anything wrong hpv is not a normal STI ,every one will get it but only a few unlucky women like us will not be able to get rid of the virus before it causing some damage to our cervix. You have age on your side is easier to get rid of the virus at a younger age . About treatment I had LLETZ for CIN3 and was absolutely painless for me the local anesthetic did the job 100 % . I know right now you probably feel like this is too much to handle but you are being looked after and they will let you know next steps in Colposcopy , be strong you can do this :muscle:. Don’t think about the worst case scenario is really not helpful that is what I did and is a total waste of time. Keep positive and make your body as strong and healthy as possible to get rid of the HPV maybe some vitamins . Take care. Let me know how your appointment goes.

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I forgot to say if you smoke stop is really not good for HPV.

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Hi Jade24 and welcome

You could call the colpsocopy clinic and enquire whether they’ve got your referral yet and if so when you might expect to get an appointment. You can also ask to be put on a cancellation list with a view to getting an earlier appointment.

Let us know how you get on.


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Hello, I just wanted to say that I had your same result last August, HPV positive and high grade ( severe) dyskaryosis. I wished I had more info and knew what I know now. I was in shock and very scared. The Colposcopy and Lletz were totally unpainful and very quick. This is quite common among women, please don’t feel bad or guilty. It’s preventive and quite unlikely it’ll turn out as CC. You’ll be ok, it’s just abnormal cells. I was super scared and the whole process couldn’t have been more smoother. They removed all the abnormal cells in August and haven’t had any problems since then. I also had a smear test in February and I don’t have HPV/abnormals cells anymore. I’m back at 3 year cervical screenings. This is what happens to most women. Again, please try not to worry, you’re going to be fine. X


Hello I tested the same as you this year. I actually have my colposcopy tomorrow mine is under GA as I have pain issues with smears etc.

HPV basically everyone whose had sex will have it in their lifetime. Some strains can sometimes make some changes to the cells in the cervix (this does not mean its cancer). The colposcopy is so that they can take a better look at the cervix, visualise the areas with changes as they use solutions, they may take a biopsy to have larger sample to test the cells on. In my case I’m have lletz performed at the same time where they take a larger oeuvre from my cervix, compared to a biopsy, to get rid of the cells that have the changes.

My understanding is that no it does not effect your fertility. Maybe give it another few days/week and call your local colposcopy unit, see if they have your referral. Different hospitals and areas have different waiting times. Mine from my results to my initial appointment was 2/3 weeks. But I’ve waited longer do have it under GA. Regarding things changing etc in the time that you wait between now and colposcopy it is very unlikely as these cells take along time to change.

I totally understand the anxiety, I 100%was the same as you a few weeks ago. But now I’ve read more and educated myself I feel much more at ease with it all.

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