Diagnosed with cervical cancer

Thanks , i had my MRI on friday should have results by Wednesday hopefull and from there a treatment plan . The burning sensation has stopped ,must have been me healing from the loop . Hope everyone is ok and managing in this heat .xx



Hi again. Hope you’re feeling ok.
MRIs are stressful mainly because they are so long and also the noise!
I had to respond to you again because I have just been prescribed diazepam for anxiety. I spoke to my GP (my MacMillan lady and my consultant both contacted her and asked her to speak to me about anxiety meds, particularly for appointment days which I get into panic mode over. )
My brother is currently battling cancer which has spread to both lungs and he was having extremely stressful days too, he was prescribed oxazepam and he said it helped a lot (he lives in the Netherlands so that is something they prescribe there). My GP said they don’t really prescribe oxazepam here in the first instance but she has prescribed diazepam 5mg which is the equivalent, to be taken only when I’m getting stressed or before an appointment.
Maybe you could speak to your GP and ask about something like this? Of course you wouldn’t be able to drive if you’ve taken it, but it might help as it would get you out of that anxious state, which I know can be very difficult to get out of once you are stressed. Everything goes round and round in your head and escalates.
I hope this suggestion helps.

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Hi i have my resulys i am satge 1b and having a radical hysterectomy but having a ct scan first to check my lynth nodes . I did ask my doctors for diazapam but they said no . Hopefully give me something before op as i will panic never had one before . X

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Ask yourGPfor diazepam as the hospital doctors won’t prescribe it.

My GP has prescribed diazepam and lorazepam for one-off occasions (like today when I had to have my PICC line inserted and had my pre-chemo assessment.)
Is a radical hysterectomy the only treatment option? Seems drastic for stage 1!

Will you be having the hysterectomy laparoscopically? If so they will sedate you. You will get a pre-med.
I hope your lymph nodes are clear.

I have asked my GP for diazapam they wont give me it i am on anxity meds , but the thought of a operation send in into a panic attack . Bot sure why a radical hysterectomy its uust the thought of a op. I have just had CT scan today and will see my consultant next weds to talk about op hopefully they can give me something on the op day to calm me down . X

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Yes the GP won’t give you benzodiazepines if you’re on anti anxiety meds (you don’t say what type but I’m guessing antidepressants of some sort, and if they clearly are not working why not speak to your GP about ending them?
I was on SSRI’s 6 years ago when I should t have been prescribed them and they made me worse. I am now completely against any kind of mind control medication, they’re supposed to be used short term for unspecific anxiety and depression, but they’re often handed out like sweets to people who are stressed out for specific reasons and not actually suffering from “anxiety and depression”. I do t know anyone who has felt better on those drugs, in fact most people I know who started taking them as they were told it would be a short course of medication are still on them years later and now unable to work because their anxiety, psychosis, compulsive behaviours etc have got worse.
I am bipolar and also have a formal diagnosis of high functioning autism (now it’s just called autistic spectrum disorder) so I’m fine most of the time as I have my routines and I live on a farm in a remote location so I don’t have to deal with Other People that much (except for my weekly trip to the village to end up in an argument with tourists :rofl::rofl::rofl:
What kicked my “anxiety” off was dealing with my cancer diagnosis and treatment which pulled the rug out from under my feet as far as my routines were concerned and not to mention the sheer sensory overload of attending the hospital! My main autism issue is sensory processing disorder, I’m used to my daily routine in peace and quiet with certain house rules which apply to both my partner and myself, but you can’t dictate rules to the hospital. Things like the bright lights, noise etc etc. These all add to the anxiety every single time. Being allowed to wear my own clothes for a scan is absolutely crucial as I can’t wear their gowns which are scratchy and smell of whatever detergent they use.
My team at the hospital have actually made an effort as they do recognise I have a registered disability and to be fair certain staff members have gone out of their way to accommodate my needs where possible.
When I’m back home I don’t suffer at all from anxiety because it’s familiar and I have my cats who are all sow so f so much time surrounding me these days.
Do you have a MacMillan Clinical Nurse Specialist as she may be able to phone your GP on your behalf and ask them to be kind and consider prescribing something for short term use.
If not, maybe ask to speak to a different GP at the surgery.

I have a appointment with them tomorrow hopefully they can give me something as my operation is on tuesday and i am petrified. But i know it has to be done.

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Hi Alice,

Sending you love, all we can do is be brave and forge ahead xxx

Sending you love Alice, I had my lymph nodes removed last Tuesday but 3 ladies in my ward were having a hysterectomy. They were allowed home in 3 days and were able to walk around after 2 days. You will be fine :two_hearts::two_hearts:

My appointment is tomorrow for hysterectomy and the docs have gove me a low dose of diazapam to take 6 tablets 2mg . Do i need to let the pre op know before or when i get there that i have taken them.

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Hi Alice410

I think that’s maybe a question for a health professional. You could call your nurse specialist for advice. Otherwise I suggest, on the basis of better safe than sorry, no harm in letting pre op know before you get there.

All the best for tomorrow


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Hi Alice. How did it go?

I assume that you are still laid up in bed in hospital at the moment and I’m sending you all my love and healing wishes. I am seven weeks post radical hysterectomy with the same type of cancer as you.

Do you send me a message on here or privately if you need anything or have any queries. I am 37 to children and can relate to everything you are going through. Trust me, it get much much easier than where you are right now.



Hi @Jodiel101 hope everything will be fine with your treatment.
I have been diagnosed 1a1 after a Leep that was supposed to be for removing just CIN2, however it was detected a micro invasive carcinoma of less than 1mm. This was in July. I had my MRI and shows that everything is ok.
How your stage was detected? I am 38 and HPV16

I had bleeding after sex, they said when u had first examination that it was common to.have abnormal.cells that should be in your womb on the outside , seconds examiation they said was ok but will do a early smear. That then cam bad abnormal ceels which rhen lead to a loop which then led to all pf the extraction was cancer cells. It was confinded to cervix and openjng of womb. I had a radical hysterectomy on tueday and still in hospital now will wait 4 weeks for resilts of lynthnodes and finger crosßwd it has all gone and no need for chemo.

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Hi @Rainbow84 how long did you feel numbness in the groin and around the cut . I havnt really had much infomation on what happens after a hysterectomy like if i bleed what to look out for. I am so scard to go back into hospital if anything goes wrong .


Really hope you’re okay. I’m still numb around the scar and my groins are okay now. My left leg at the top is still a bit numb but it could take a long time to come back I think. Just call your oncology nurses with any problems- they’ve got me into lots of clinics quicker than other methods.

My biggest problem is my bladder as I didn’t regain full function and now have to self catheterise. Hoping it will improve a bit going forward.

How are you feeling? Physically each week I improved massively and now I can do a bit of exercise etc, I can even lift my baby which is magical.

Any questions, just shout xxx