Diagnosed with Cervical Cancer stage 1B2 Yesterday, hysterectomy has been mentioned any one else at this stage?(kids mentioned)

Hi, I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer yesterday! I had been experiencing bleeding and also discharge in between periods, you know your own body & I knew this wasn’t right. So I went to see my GP she took some swabs & gave me a smear, however as I am only 23 the smear was rejected. However the gynaecologist wasn’t happy with this and he performed another as he knew something wasn’t right. Low and behold i was told to go back as I had some abnormal cells, the next day I went in to have a colcopaspy, the doctor told me I had a high amount of abnormal cells, she tried to perform a loop but there was too many so she just did my biopsy 4 days latter (yesterday) I was told to come back in, & there he was the doctor with the McMillan nurse, I knew it was bad news. I have been diagnosed with CC 1b2. The doctor seemed positive it would be sorted out with treatment however after he left the room the McMillan nurse explained more she said I will probably need a hysterectomy & or radiotherapy & chemo!! I’m de sated, scared & worried sick. I’m very lucky to already have an 18 month old little girl & was planning to have a few more so this is totally heartbreaking. I feel robbed & angry that I have no control over anything. I’m waiting for my MRI scan over the next few days, after that I’ll be sure of how far or if the cancer has spread further than my cervix. they did mention that if & that’s a big if, if it hasn’t spread they could give me a operation wig inch would remove my cervix. Has anyone else been diagnosed with stage C & still been able to conceive? I’m Basically looking for positives as I am so scared I don’t know how much more bad news I can take :-(…

lots of love Sophie xxx


im really sorry to read about your diagnosis, I'm 24 and was diagnosed with cc last year mine was stage 2b so I had chemo/radiation. Unfortunetly unless you have just your cervix removed I believe it's called a trachelectomy? Then you won't be able to have any more children I luckily had 2 kids already however I am grieving for my lost fertility as I planned to have at least 1 more child. At the time I didn't care I just wanted to live but I'm slowly starting to realise that it's a very harsh reality having your fertility taken so young. Keep your chin up

hiya, it's such a scary thing isn't it? you never think this would happen to you but it does. I think I'm still in shock to be honest, my Gp prescribed me some diazipans yesterday as I just couldn't take it in. And I know what you mean my first thing is to get better & be brave for my daughter as she needs me more than anyone. I come from a big family and the thought of her having no siblings is so heartbreaking. I feel selfish as I am & yourself are very lucky to already have children & some women haven't even got that, but the thought of not being able to have anymore is awful. The nurse did tell me that she will get in contact with someone who can talk to me about storing my eggs, it was all a blur though what she was saying so I probably need to speak with her again. You seem so brave Hun I hope I can eventually pull myself together. Seems like nothing with ever be the same again. I'm also so nervous about the MRI nervous as to what they might find. Fingers crossed though xxx

Hiya, I couldn't just read then not say anything, you poor girl how awful and you're only young too,

i was diagnosed with CIN3 I went for my colposcopy but he couldn't do any treatment and took a biopsy too so I'm awaiting the results,

as for a positive you have you're beautiful child already who needs her mummy, you're stronger then you think.

They have caught this early which is a good thing in regards to what they can. Please let us all know how you get on with your scan. 


Hi sophie, so sorry to read of your diagnosis. Thank god your consultant insisted on a second smear. This is the absolute worst bit as there is so much waiting around before treatment begins, it's an emotional roller coaster that you are going to go through. Nothing anyone can say will make it any better, but please know it does get easier. I was diagnosed at stage 1b1 at the beginning of September and had a radical hysterectomy and lymph node removal. I was offered a trachelectomy (where they take your cervix) at first, but it was decided that to give me the best prognosis for the future was to have the hysterectomy. It's been extremely hard as I have a 2 year old and was about to start trying for another baby BUT the cancer is gone and I will be around to watch my girl grow up. If you have a hysterectomy, you will most likely keep your ovaries due to your age. I had mine placed higher up in my abdomen as they didn't know if I'd need chemo or radiation until they'd tested my lymph nodes and placing them higher offers some protection. This part of the op is called 'transposition of ovaries'. Definitely see a fertility specialist. Obviously I can never carry a child again, but surrogacy is an option in the future. This site is amazing, the support you'll receive on here is second to none. Keep strong and if I can be of any help pleas feel free to pm me.

Jade xx

Hi Lola, I know I am so thankful I plucked up the courage and went to see my Gp. At first I was adamant I had a little infection and that a course of anti biotics would have sorted it out, little did I know it would have ended up like this. I was debating on whether or not to go, as the bleeding did stop after a few days & with work to go to and a little girl to occupy on my days off I thought I would leave it. However a little niggle at the back of my mind told me to go. I hope you are feeling ok too, the waiting around is so stressful & it is always at the back of your mind. Im hoping to have a call from the nurse or doctor tomorrow with a scan date to see what's what! Let us know how you get on too xxx

Hi Jade,
First thing is you being able to tell me that it gets easier is a huge relief… & I’m so glad you have got through it :slight_smile: Your baby girl like mine will be extra special little princesses as they are the reason we do get through this. I’m just so worried about this scan as like I said before having CC is bad enough but to find out its spread more than what I know up to now is terrifying me… Defiantly can’t wait for it to be over with. The Mcmillian nurse did say maybe a trachelectomy but she didn’t sound to over confident about that but I’m going to stay positive.

When you hear the words radiotherapy & chemo you do fear the worst and that’s what’s frightened me so much. I will get through this though, I have too.

Thank you for your message Jade :slight_smile: xxxxx

Hi Sophia,

Everything you are feeling is normal, the MRI wasn't as bad as I was expecting I panicked a bit on my first one but have had 3 now and I'm ok with them now. When I was told I neede chemo/radio I was heartbroken, however I soon learnt that you don't lose your hair if you have low dose cisplatin which I had, the treatment was difficult but do able and I felt relieved that although it was intense treatment they were trying to save my life and that's all I cared about. It's one if the scariest journeys of your life but I think it changed me for the better. 

 I found I was very brave during the day times, but come the evening when it's quiet I'd bawl my eyes out. Try and keep yourself occupied and don't google. The next couple of weeks will likely go very slowly for you while your mdt team are reviewing your scans and deciding on a treatment plan. You will worry and feel scared, but you will also find an inner strength that gets you through each day. Fingers crossed for your scan, each appointment you attend you are one step closer to beating this xxxxx

Hi Sophie,

I have just registered with this site and have been reading it for about 2 weeks on and off! I can relate to your post because i am not much further on in the proess than you are at the moment. The only difference is that I have had my MRI, don't have children and currently painfully waiting whether they are going to give me hysteractomy :o(. I spoke with my Macmillan nurse last week who was tossing around the 'Radical Hysterectomy' treatment during the conversation and that all of my scans and biopsys are going to be sent for a 2nd opinion. I will keep you posted about what stage I am at as I am yet to find that out!!

The last thing I want is a Hysterectomy, Chemo or Radiotherapy, however my family and boyfriend have all told me that if this is what takes the CC away then I will have other options available to me to mther my own one day. Like you I am scared, angry and keep looking at girls my age (26) thinking 'wonder if you have had anything like this, or is it just me and why?'. I keep reading about further treatments, Chemo, Hysterectomy, removal of cervix and well I actually don't know whats going to happen to me.... its the waiting and speculating that gets me roaring. 

My family and boyfriend are probably going through the emotions more than me right now - i m just throwing myself into work and making myself ultra busy to take my mind of the worst. I am sorry to hear your diagnosis and you are not alone out there; treatment seems drastic I am sure journeys will be had together and there is no better place than on here to share it :)

I think i am just p****d that I am the last person to become unwell with the common cold or a sickness bug - instead i get this and I know that we all feel the same, its not selfish - its natural.

Stay strong, you will be fixed like me and others in no time!

Char xxx

hiya sweetie, we sound so alike lol :-) The Macmillian nurse I had with me at the time I was told I had CC was giving me all the worst situations ever, hysterectomy, radiotherapy, chemo and then told me that she would get some one to have a chat with me about freezing my eggs but in the next breath told me that was probably unlikely that they will do that as I already have one child!! It sounds so selfish of me but I literally wanted to start trying for another baby this year and to know have the option taken away from me is dreadful! I have a beautiful daughter who I love to pieces & I know I am very blessed but the thought of her not having a brother or sister to grow up with devastates me! I'm hoping the Macmillian nurse was just preparing me for the very worst, well at least that's what I'm hoping for!!

I also keep thinking why me? Why at 23 have I got this horrible nightmare on my shoulders. It was only last year my brother had a heart attack, we were told to expect the worst as his heart bi pass failed, he ended up being in a coma for 2 months and then they managed to find him a new heart and he had a transplant me and my family spent everyday in hospital with him for the best part of 6 months!! He has now made a recovery & after what I thought was the hardest year of my life I thought 2014 could only get better, I went back to work & I’ve just been promoted to deputy manager and I’m in the middle of training. But with this now I’m going to be off for a while if I have to have the hyst :frowning: I actually don’t understand how much bad luck I can take!

Anyway I’m off for my MRI tomorrow and praying it hasn’t spread!! Trying to be positive like everyone says but it’s just so hard!!

I can’t understand why they haven’t told you what grade you are yet, as the waiting is awful!!

I hope you are going to be ok Hun, as I can’t even imagine how you must feel!!

Sorry for the essay! Keep us posted!

Love Soph xxx

Ladies I cannot explain what I just felt reading your posts.  Your stories are almost identical to me and this has been something I have been struggling to find.  I turned 30 in September and shortly after started to experience the random bleeding and discharge.  I put it off convincing myself it was an inffection of some sort and would pass as quickly as it started.  When it got to November and still hadnt stopped I knew something was wrong.  I was sent for a smear as I wasnt due one and surprise surprise came back abnormal results.  I was called to colposcopy and told I was CIN Level 3 so had sever abnormalities which they were going to deal with there and then.  Unfortunately after an hour they couldnt remove them and settled for the biopsy.  I cried myself to sleep that night as I knew then, which was handy on the 4th Feb when they told me it was CC, i had been telling myself it for a week so was a bit prepared.  I have had MRI, CT and PET scans which all seem to have cleared whether it has spread but my tumour is larger than they initially thought.

I had the Hysterectomy chat and was actually told this would be what would have to happen, I have no children so was a bit of a blow.  I was referred to the fertility specialist but being 30 I am almost too old for a lot of the possibilities (I know, too old), egg freezing would almost guaranteed not be a success.  My world was then tipped upside down again, because my tumour is touching the tissue wall they cannot see if it has spread to this tissue or not so now surgery is not an option. 

I start 5 weeks of Chemoradiation on Tuesday, April Fools day ha ha cant help but laugh.  I am scared because I know you can only have radiotherapy once, if it comes back or doesnt work what next??? Has anyone else had this treatment and how bad is the Chemo?


Hi sophie I was diagnosed  cc 1 b2 yesterday. they told me it was measured at 4cm and the best way to treat it was chemo and radio therapy. I'm having a mai scan tomorrow. I noticed you posted this February last year just wanted to know how are you doing now??xxx

I've been diagnosed with 1b2 I'm 39 no children (was planning to this year) my tumour was 28mm on last MRI 6/6/19. They say best solution for my is a radical hysterectomy leaving my ovaries behind so I can freeze them after. I'm absolutely devastated as I wanted to  start a family this year. Apparently I wont need any chemo or radiation. But is this really my best option?? Having my OP weds 26th.....gutted.