Diagnosed with cc today_Jelena

I don't think you can switch off to be honest, at least not this soon after your diagnosis. I'm now 2 months post diagnosis but if I'm home alone (particularly in the evening) my mind starts racing and that's when I get a bit 'eeeek' about it all whereas during the day (whether I'm alone or with others) I'm ok about it all...my mind always tends to run away with me when I'm laying in bed at night. It's a lot to get your head around - its not going to happen overnight I guess, I assume (or at least hope) that it's a matter of time and then it's not something you forget as such but at least not something that's always on your mind :) x

Thank you both.

I live on my own .so I am on my own most of the time.but I have made my mind up .I am going to be positive and  I have always said I will try anything once .So here we go ,look out because I am going to fight this all the way.I need to be around a bit longer as there are thing I have not yet done in my life .I will beat this .at the end of the day it MY life,so its up to me to fight for it .My son is getting married next next year.they have been together 17 years ,everything is book so I need to get off my butt and start to get well ,so that I can be there for his big day Wink



Good for you!!!

And a wedding to look forward to, that is something to aim for. It will be hard when home alone from time to time obviously but that's when you pick up the phone to talk to someone or drop a few lines on this forum. It's about getting perspective, I suppose- cant be so worried about dying that you forget to enjoy living!


Went to bed late last night but just could not get to sleep.Things going around in my head,anyway I have hospital this morning ,just for X-Rays,but at least its one step closer.I need to get this done soon.I have a life to live and this does NOT include sitting around hospital (LOL) I am going to make a list of all the things I am going to do before Christmas,then make one for the new year first thing on the New Years  list will be a holiday in the sun Laughing As by then I think I will have earned it Wink.Right time for my shower and do a few things around the house .Will chat to you all late.My dear new found true friends.




Reading the above makes me realise we all feel the same in that we cope better when busy or there are people round us, but when alone and at night the thoughts invade big time!  I'm still at work as it keeps my mind occupied a bit more which helps but there again I'm lucky to be in a job that I can do that.  I am in an office on my own but at least there are people around and hubby works here too!

I had my MRI done last Monday and am waiting for a phone call to have my meeting and hear the results.  The surgeon is due back from holiday today so I guess they are waiting to confirm the proposed surgery date of the 24th with him first.

Well ladies, we are going be strong, positive and fight this together.  I know we are all going to have wobble days (and boy, I've had a few of those) but we can do this.  There are loads of positive stories on this site which can give us strength.  I know personally that I wouldn't be coping half as well without the support of all of you that have responded to my posts.

Love & hugs



Holiday! Oh yes, that sounds like a plan!!

'Tis my daughters sixth birthday today so I am just about to bake a birthday cake ready for when she comes home from school! I used those troublesome hours last night to decorate the house with streamers, banners, balloons, etc. worth it when she saw them this morning!! Where have a the past 6 yrs gone? Time goes so quickly, we need to make sure it is lived well but if a few days of that is needed to be spent waiting in hospitals, so be it. Just make sure you visit the park on the way home or nip into a shop for something sweet tasting or beautiful smelling...



Hi Don

Just to say I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday and that you have a very special day with her. What a lovely thing to do to decorate the house like that!

Loved your last couple of sentences, very wise words and sentiments,


 Hi Don

I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday .Everything went well at the hospital,when I got to the Reception Desk I was told there was a letter there for me !!!Surprised it was the date for my MRILaughing my consultant had rushed it through for me .He did say when I saw him .would I go in at a minuets notice if they had a cancellation and he was true to his word .Now I feel I am getting somewhere .Please God its a good result when I go on 23 rd Sept.Hope some of you have had some good news too .

Love &Hugs


Hello Shocked,  I've just come across your posts and I think I can say from the first to the last post your mind has settled down somewhat - you can tell from what you're saying.

 You sound motivated now to getting on with it - I don't mean to sound patronising to men but  I think women have a way of knuckling down and being practical about what they have to do and that will be the case for you and your treatment, whatever it turns out to be.

Most of us here have been through, or are going through 'the treatment' so if there's anything you don't understand or anything you want to ask, you will get an answer here.

I've been through radical hysterectomy, chemo,radiotherapy, brachytherapy and looking back it's easy to say it wasn't too bad, but that's after the event! During treatment we've all had our ups & downs but keep going throughout it because you have to believe it's doing you good.

Fear nothing - look forward, don't look back - it's what happens now that counts -

Sending you hugs




It's fair to say she has been spoilt rotten!! Cake is all ready for when she comes home and hubbie is now preparing to make home made pizzas(his are the best!) X

Fingers crossed for the results. Waiting waiting... No good for anyone's sanity! And do hope they stick to your proposed date! Wouldn't think they'd tell u thought then change it just because dr has come off holiday.

I have to admit, I do keep checking this site for updates because, although everyone is being very lovely, other people around me just don't know what it is like. A cliche, I know, but true. Also, I'm signed off work so doing paperwork at home instead so need a few mins break every now and then! Don x

Fabaroo for you x
Glad u are feeling a bit more upbeat. I agree with bogey woman, you do seem to have come from thinking the end is nigh to having a more positive perspective. Well done you! It is difficult

Thank you both so much .But I think reading the posts on here had a lot to do with it. I could se that I am not the only one going through this and that makes a big difference when you live on your own.OK so I still get my moments but that just means I am human after all and have my weak spots.But Hell I am gonna fight this .now I have the help of the people on here I know I will give it my best shot.Its early days yet ,but the sooner I get this over with ,the sooner I can live my life againand thats what I keep telling myself. My New Moto "Ican and I will" no matter what.

Thank You Ladies Your all stars in my eyes .and I know when I have my down days( and I will Iknow ) You will all be there for me  and I hope I can help you all in some way



Hi Dons,

I keep checking this site for updates too!  You are so right when you say that everyone is being lovely but unless you're going through or have been through it then they don't know what it's like.  I do feel like I have made new friends here which is lovely - every cloud has a silver lining!

From what I understand they were booking a provisional date in with this surgeon whilst he was on holiday in the hope he would be able to do it that day but wouldn't be able to confirm it until his return.  Yes, the waiting  doesn't do anyones sanity any good!

Pizza and birthady cake - yummy!!!!

I've just found out my kitchen lights have gone due to a cable problem and it can't be fixed until Wednesday so it's cooking by table lamps tonight!!  You don't do a pizza delivery service by any chance do you, lol??!!Smile


Hi Chocked,

I am so sorry to hear about you being diagnosed as swell :( Please stay strong and let us know how you are doing. It is a blessing to be able to talk to people going through similar experience.

I am going through very similar emotions as yourself and many other ladies here. It’s been a week since my diagnosis but I still live in a fog and fill very dizzy every day: half day goes more or less ok, another half is back to chock and worry and all potential scenarios. I keep waking up at 5:50am every night and keep thinking, worrying and guessing. Having LLETS procedure done only two weeks ago, I can't really determine whether its tension and mild pain associated with it or it’s something else, it seems that all body is so sensitive to everything. I have my examination under general anaesthetic tomorrow and feel very anxious both about the procedure and the results of course.

Very challenging times for all of us and we have to be strong somehow and try to stay positive and support each other as much as we can. And please don't be too hard on yourself when you feel down, we all are human beings. Once i was told that life gives us only as much as we can handle - and we will! Will pray for you xxxx


33 years || 31/08/2013 LLETS following abnormal SMEAR test ||  09/09/2013  - diagnosed with cc || waiting for scans and other tests


Good luck tomorrow x

Hi Jelena

Just wanted to wish you lots of love and luck for tomorrow.  I always feel really anxious about procedures too but for what it's worth they are never as bad as you think they are going to be.

I'm a week further on from my diagnosis (2nd September) and although I'm still having my wobble moments I'm a bit better than I was the first week.  The shock really is an awful thing and it affected me greatly too.

I read something in a book last night which stuck and is going to be my mantra 'I can deal with this'.  Lets all be strong and positive together.

Lets us know how you get on.


Hi Cheryl and Boop,


Thank you both so much! xxx Jelena



Oh dear. You would have loved this pizza too!

One thing after another. Think you can cope with the lights though, small fry in the big scheme of things

. Left over pizza for breakfast- umm... Muesli it is, lol! X


good luck for tomorrow matey X you'll do it, be positive (easier said than done) let us know how it goes x