Diagnosed with cc today_Jelena

Dear Ladies, I was also diagnosed with cc today:( Had my LLETS procedure done on the 30th of August and received a phone call from the hospital a week later on Friday the 6th of september. The person calling didn't give much detail and scared me to death!:( during LLETS my consultant assured me that ir didn't look like a cancer at all an a week later receiving such a phone call put me into a complete shock. Fortunately i had some diazepam tablets left from the initial shocking letter about the abnormal cells to keep me going for the weekend:( why do they always scare you on Fridays when there is not much support available?- it is so cruel:( i become so anxious that can just shake all day and lose weight so rapidly it scares even more:( today my consultant confirmed my fears and suggested that it is cc and so far looks as 1b1 but i have a procesure planned for next tuesday to look at my bladder and rectum under general anaesthetic - is this common?:( i am feeling so scared and desperate of all this unknowns... The worst thing was talking to gp today, who suggested that i shouldn't be using diazepam and just have to come to terms with my illness:( i know you all ladies are going through similar struggle - any advice is very welcome. Regards, Jelena (33years)

Hello Jelena, So sorry to hear your news.

At least I was called into see consultant for my results and had specialist nurse in the room to talk to me afterwards. This was not a good way to share such awful news. I have not been called for the same procedure as you but then I have not been told what stage my cancer is. I have MRI on Wednesday morning so they can stage it and then I go over to Nottingham to see the consultant who will be looking after me. I have noticed that some people, like yourself, know they have eg 1b1 even before the MRI and I wander how they know!!

I do hope everything goes well for you, keep us posted on here. Donna x

Hi Hun,

im so sorry to read your news. 

I can't imagine what you are going through as I am still waiting on biopsy results but just wanted to share my support. 

i have only been a member of this group for a day but can already see how lovely the ladies are so I'm sure somebody will pop up with some useful advice for you. 

All the best



Thank you ladies so much for replying! They can only predict the stage based on the tumor size in the LLETZ sample, mine was about the size of 1b1 but margins were not clear so they need more tests including mri. It will take a month in my case before the stage will be determined:( not knowing is very scary but i guess we just have to wait and be brave:( praying for you all! Xxxx

Hi Jelena,

Your diagnosis must have been a huge shock for you.  I'm sorry.  I was stage 1b1.  I had a radical hysterectomy in July.  Im now back to work and feeling pretty fit and healthy.  So, my lovely, I'm saying you will get through this.  Your emotions will be all over the place and that's pretty normal.  If there is anything you need to know then please just ask.  We are all here to support you.  Take care, Tess xxx

PS, I also had an examination under anesthetic.  It's quite common so please try not to worry that it is something sinister.  This should also confirm your stage and tumour type. I hope that helps. xx


So sorry to read about your diagnosis, it’s such a shocking time, but you will get through it. I had an MRI then the examination under anaesthetic also. It gives them chance to have a good feel around whilst you’re under and it’s a very quick procedure. You’ll be up and about in a couple of hours!

I was stage 1B too and had the rad hyst like Tess back in March. It’s a very scary time but once you know what your treatment plan is you will feel a lot better about things.

Take care xx

Hi Jelena,

So sorry to hear about your diagnosis :(

The waiting time from when you get your diagnosis to when you get your further tests results and treatment plan is the worst and it's completely normal to go through a real emotional roller coaster - it all comes as such a shock and starts happening so fast that it takes a while for your brain to catch up. I was diagnosed in mid July and had my treatment 2 weeks ago and I'd say its only since then that I've started to get my head around it all - before that I felt like my head was full of cotton wool. Whatever you are feeling or need to do, is right for you, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Good luck your your examination, please keep us updated.

We are all here if you need us - no matter what you need to know there's bound to be someone on here who knows the answer so if we can help at all just let us know.

Soph x

Hi Jelena,

It is a really tough time but I can tell you as someone who is nearly 3 weeks on from diagnosis, it does get easier. I was diagnosed stage 1b on 22nd August, it wasn't until the results of my MRI on 27th August that they were able to tell me it was 1b1, they also confirmed the size of the tumour. 

I'm having a tracelectomy and will find out tomorrow when my op will be, as mad as it sounds - I am actually looking forward to it.

The best advice I was given was to take time for yourself and do. not. google! 

Stay on here, it has been a lifeline for me and has kept me slightly sane throughout the past 3 weeks. Also try and find out if you have a specialist cancer nurse - they are a godsend and can answer most questions you have. 

Take Care

Katy x x x


Gosh your post has brought back memories that even today make me cry. I was asked if i wanted a letter or a phone cal and of course I asked for the phone call. Oh I got it alright 5pm april 1st 2010. The day before good friday, alone livng alone (not through choice) with good friday and easter monday to follow. The macmillan nurse arrived at my house on the following Wednesday morning, by which time I was a complete basket case.

MRI and CT SCAN followed over the next month, and by the 26th of June I had finished all my treatment(chemoradiotherapy for cc 1b1). i did it all on my own no real support, and to be truthful I think I needed to be in a zone during treatment.

Now here I am 3years and 3 months post treatment waiting for my check up at the end of this month. I am concerned but not worried I feel good and its taken me a long time to get my head around things.

However the worst part of my run in with cc was the days between friday the 30th March 5pm and Wednesday the 5th of April 11 am.




Dear All, Thank you so much for your replies and support!!! It really means a lot! It is overwhelming to read your stories and realise how many lives are affected by this scary illness. I do hope for the best for all of us! xxxxJelena

Oh Katie x

i hope things are less lonely now. xxx


i too was diagnosed in June and like you was told in a terrible fashion, 5pm on my own on a Friday.  i then had to navigate rush hour traffic home.  Though to be fair, i'm not sure how is best to tell someone this news.

this time really is the worse and once you know what it is your facing, the unknown is gone.

like others have stated, i had a radical hysterectomy 4 weeks ago and i am amazed at how the human body mends itself.

take care



I am so proud of all of you, brave ladies! You all are such an inspiration - I am feeling guilty for being such mess at the moment. It takes so much strength and courage to go through this. It is very difficult even if you have support from family and friends but it is so much worse when there is no one around. Katie – I felt so sorry for you and can fully imagine how horrible those few days of waiting were for you. I have discovered feelings and emotions I never thought I had before. Sometimes I wish it would be possible to switch the head off! And it is usually the morning time which somehow generates most of the anxiety particularly after a relatively good night sleep when you dream and forget about reality. I am sure most of you have been through this and much more. It is amazing how everything changes in a moment. A month ago even giving blood was a big deal for me and now a radical surgery sounds like a blessing (so I understand how you feel Katy). Once again thank you all so much for all the support! - and I promise no more Google from now on (as I think I started creating symptoms I don’t really have only based on the information I get from Google)! Have a nice day - God bless you all! Regards, Jelena xxx


Hello I too was Diagnosed yesterday and now have to wait for my CT scan and MRI.I have the support of a Macmilliam nurse Jane.But I an still trying to understand what is going on.It was very upsetting as not only was it the dreaded Friday 13th but also my youngest grandsons Birthday,My son took badly he hides it from me but I know my Son .Me I seem to be in a world of my own.I want to cry but think whats the point .it wont help me .I am already disabled and also that week my council told me they were taking away the "H" which was put out side my house so I could park outside to be able to get my shopping in.now after 12 yeard when I am 12 years old and my health is worse they are taking it away.It makes me think .Whats the point first this and now cancer? Maybe I should just give in to them all

Oh shocked....

What a terrible series of events but please do not give in. Friday 13th too... Things seem terrible now but wait until you get your results. You have grand kids and a son that need you. Talk to your son, talk to everyone! And just try to keep sane while you are waiting.

Chin up x keep posting and asking questions, people on here help where they can- a wealth of experience to draw on. Thinking of you.


Hi Dons

Thank You so much for your reply.If I told you all that had gone on this year you would understand why I feel like I do .But right now like you say.I need to try to keep sane,I keep thinking I will wake up soon and it will all be over.Also I have been getting tummy pains ,not all the time,I wondering if I am just imagining  these pains now or are they real ? They are just like period pains  but I have not had a period for 16 years till I had this bleed in May then again in July 

I have had low back pain for a few month now well before I was Diagnosed .


Hi, before I had my meeting with consultant on Wednesday, I had a pain in every part of my abdomen and had self diagnosed myself with stage 4 cancer. I'm not being over dramatic, I had wound myself up so much in the week between diagnosis and consultant meeting, that I genuinely had pain in all areas, wasn't sleeping and had got myself in such a state. I am assured this is common though. My diagnosis was given and I was actually relieved, yes it was still cc (of course!) but it just didnt seem as bad now.

It is the waiting, it does funny things to the body and the I mind I'm afraid.

as I said, keep talking to people, it helps. Really.


Hi Dons

Thank you ,At least I know now its not just me.I went to a friends last night,Had a nice hot bath ( I have a shower as I am not aloud a bath without someone being there to help me in and out due to my being disabled) then we all had a take away .We chatted and had a good laugh.Then I came home and went to bed .I slept well which I have not done for months now.I got up this morning pottered about .then as I was in pain (due to my being disabled) I started to think .my pain is no worse than it has always been.infact I feel well.but in the back of my mind is "What if".I don't know if you will understand what I am saying.I am  great while I am doind things.or when there are people around its when I stop I start to think its OK for people to say "Don't think about it" how do you switch off ?.


That bit I can't help you as I'm alright when busy and got people around (my 5yr old and her friend have trashed the house... Oh well, they're happy!!) but I am staying up every night into the early hours every night reading stuff and thinking too much. It has to happen sometime I suppose, can't keep a brave face on 24 hours a day.

I'm so pleased you had a chat and a bath last night and got your head a little bit straight. There is no magic wand but it doesn't have to be really bad all the time if you keep doing what you did last night.

Good luck matey! Dons x