Diagnosed with cc last week...(children mentioned)

I have no idea how I'm feeling. My brain is scrambled since I found out August 1 (2 days after my 30th bday). I'm waiting for a call from another doctor now. I'm guessing to get scans and what not then discuss treatment.


I have a 1 and 2 year old! I bled for 10 weeks after my youngest was born then started bleeding after sex sometimes. Since January I started bleeding after sex everytime and it was starting to hurt.


After the birth of my 1st son I had an irregular pap, was supposed to get another one 6 months later but got pregnant a couple months later. I got another pap and it was fine.


After my second son was born I had a pap 10 weeks after and it came back abnormal. Had another one and again, abnormal, was sent for a biopsy and the doctor asked if I bled other than my period and I said yes. So he rushed my results and 3 weeks later, I have cancer.


I am just so tired. Since January when I started bleeding after sex, I started binging on food (lost 30 pounds healthy before hand) and I'm constantly hungry, my head is always fuzzy. (The fuzziness could be from depression) My lower back is ALWAYS aching, constant dull cramping (like 24/7) and the last couple months, my thighs are always aching too. And the last couple weeks (before I was diagnosed) i cant sit for too long bc my tailbone starts to hurt a lot! And I trouble standing up. And I'm so freaking tired. No matter how much I sleep I get or don't get, I'm exhausted. Now I know it's my body battling cancer.


My husband is there for me, but he hates when I talk about the bad stuff but I cant help it! He seems to be keeping himself extra busy. Hes stressed out. 


The last few months I have been pushing myself to keep going but have little motivation ams energy but since I found out I have ZERO motivation and energy and just want to rest. I take care of my kids (stay at home mom) do a couple chores and just want to sit around. I dont even remember having energy. I have no idea how I restricted food before. My husband keeps telling me it's all in my mind. Hes stressed too (runs a business) and he just pushes through. Doesnt let negative thoughts get him down. That really annoys me! He's mentally tired...I've been that kind of tired before too, but it goes away! This fatigue hasn't for months!!! I just wanna cry. I deal with depression on top of this.


I just feel lost.


Thanks for letting me vent. Feels good.


Update- so I'm going for a ct scan Thursday afternoon. The cancer clinic called too for an appointment Wednesday at 9am. I live 2 hours away. Ugh cancer sucks. I did call the cancer clinic back to let them know about the ct scan and they are letting me know if they can reschedule the appointment. I'm hoping for Monday then I'll find out what stage. Either way, I'm pretty sure next week I'll know the stage and treatment.


The wait is ALMOST over!!!!!

Hi willows88 I’m sorry about ur diagnosis and to hear ur having a hard time, I can kind of relate to some things your going through, I’m 34 and was diagnosed with cc in April I myself have 5 children the youngest been 1 yr old , some days it’s so hard to drag myself out of bed never mind get up to look after the children , but it’s amazing where we pull the strength from to get ourselves through tough situations all of what’s going on will test us like nothing before it’s burns us out not only physically but also mentally, but you will get through it all you need to do is look at your little ones and they will give you the strength you will need to get through anything, and another thing I’ve learned is don’t be afraid to ask ppl for help when you need it, I wish you all the very best ,Melissa x x

Hi willows88.. 

I. Kind of no the feeling.. My husband refuses to talk about it.. Says until I get a letter saying in. Black and white its bad why worry... I. Got told 6 weeks for results.. Only been 1 week.. Im. So stressed I've stupidly been. Googling this non stop and stressing myself out more.. I found a site that tells you symptoms to look out for after cin3 diagnosis so u can keep on. Top.. So far I have 6..so as u can imagine pretty stressed right now.. Doctors put all 6 symptoms dwn to other things but its a bit of a coincidence when you join. Up the dots and no what ur looking for it's all linked.. Im really worried about my results as 9 weeks of bleeding is never good.. 2 babies.. Full time job.. U try and put it to the back of ur mind but how can u! I really hope ur results are good... Keep us posted... I was very sceptical about this site wondered weather I was just scaring myself and should I really be posting with out a diagnosis?? But it's comforting knowing I'm. Not alone x

Hi ladies. So glad you found this site. Probably the best place to come for advice and support without being judged. Try to just stay on this section of the forum, reading the other forums will only worry you and until you know what, if any treatment you are going to be having, there's no need. 

There's no point me saying not to worry cos you will. You will most likely overthink things and decide they are a new symptom but that's normal. 

Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed at stage 4a and my only symptoms were bleeding and backache (from what I remember) so I'd say that other symptoms are probably more anxiety related, apart from tiredness which is from being a mum/working and bleeding.

If you do end up needing treatment you will hopefully find it very doable. You are young and hopefully otherwise well. I don't think I was ever ill from the actual cancer.

Once you receive a diagnosis and staging there will be a couple of weeks before actualbtreatmstarts so plenty of time to get organised x


I hope you all cope well over the next few weeks x

Thank u for replying. Sorry about your cc. Its sucks!!!! I'm actually feeling a lot better. Im finding (and sticking) with positives thoughts. 


Surgery- once healed I'll have energy back! I won't feel like a zombie

Lose hair cuz of chemo- wigs! I LOVE to change my hair all the time, easy way to do it.

Whatever treatments hopefully will fix the binge eating too.


Positive thoughts! I'm also doing intense work outs now (whether I do them are not, I'm going to be tired regardless so I might as well do them) and found I have a lot more energy because of that now.

Trying to figure it out yourself and worrying about it always sucks. Best advice is try to distract yourself, my doctor sent my results a way as urgent, so take that as a sign of relief that yours isn't urgent. It's difficult when your husband doesn't want to talk about it, again try to distract yourself. I'm rooting for you!

Thank you for your kind words, worrying never helps but it's something I can't help but do LOL. As I told the other girls I'm trying to distract myself and do more intense workouts to give me more energy. How are you doing now? Are you in remission or still dealing with it? And if you are diagnosed at stage 4 that's crazy! Hope you're doing well!

My scans have always been clear and I have recently been discharged altogether as long as if I have any symptoms I will go back x

Oh wow congrats!! Do you mind if I ask what treatment you had?