Diagnosed with CC few days ago, I feel numb

Hi everybody, my first time posting on this so not really sure what to write. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on Monday 6th December, still feel numb. I’m currently waiting on an MRI scan and a CT scan appointment coming through. Terrified is an understatement. Keep worrying that I’m not going to be around to watch my kids grow up. I have been reading everybody’s messages on here for over a month now and it helps so much. The waiting is horrendous.


Hi. The waiting is the worst. Sending hugs, we’re with you all the way 24/7 X


Hi Sarahnic,

Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. I was diagnosed in May I was totally devastated and felt absolutely lost. Waiting to find out the extent of the cancer was absolutely horrendous, scabs and all the appointments it was overwhelming.

However once I knew what I was dealing with everything felt much better, I found this forum and it’s been an absolute god send. There are so many wonderful women willing to help, guide and support you on your journey.

I know there’s no point in saying don’t worry but try to take it a day at a time. Treatments today are excellent.

If you want to ask anything give me a shout and I’ll do my best to help.

Take care xx


Thank you that means a lot xx

It’s such a horrible feeling. Glad I’ve got my amazing family around me as I don’t know what I would without them. And this forum is helping. I hope your doing well xxx

Hi, sorry to hear your news, I got diagnosed on 25th November. I know completely how you feel. I have been for my CT scan today, and have my MRI on Saturday. The waiting around is the worst thing. I think once we know what we are dealing with we can be strong and positive. Hope you get your scan appointment through quickly xx

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Thank you Myrtle1, thanks for your message. Hope your scan went ok today. I’m terrified of the scans as not sure what to expect. Really hope they come through quick though as my anxiety is terrible. Hope you don’t wait long on your results and its good news for you. It’s still not properly sunk in for me yet xxx

Aw chick it absolutely flipping sucks! Many of us have been exactly where you are right now.
I was diagnosed in August, after being blue lighted to hospital twice with cervical stenosis which we later found out was caused by the tumour.
Those dark days after diagnosis suck, and the waiting is most definatley the worst part.
Go through those emotions you have every right to. Personally I was angry, I felt the same as you in regards to my kids. Sometimes I still look at them and think - will I see him/her get married, have kids etc etc.
I’m 4 weeks post treatment, it’s still tough in some ways, but compared to those days of waiting for treatment to start it’s getting better.
We’re all here to help, answer questions no matter how trivial they seem. The ladies on here have been my lifeline!


I was diagnosed beginning of October and since then have felt like that. I now have dates for starting treatment and have had my planning scan done today so feel better now, I never thought I would. I will start my treatment on the 3rd jan so gonna try and have a good Xmas with my kids and put this to the back of my mind, I doubt that’s possible but I need to try. I hope you don’t have to long to wait on scans and results but the waiting is the worst. I called the doctor who prescribed me something as I felt like I was in a panic attack most of the day. That’s me who doesn’t even like to take painkillers but they have really helped me and a very low dose etc xx

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So sorry to hear your are going through this but I know exactly how you feel. I was diagnosed on 29th Nov. The waiting for the next stages is driving me insane. I had my MRI this week and my next lletz procedure is next week so things are moving forward but there is then another wait for the results before treatment plan.

I am trying to remain positive but when I think about Christmas and my children it can break my heart
Take care xx

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Well got my MRI done on the 16th December and i got my CT scan on the 22nd December both went fine. Didn’t really like the MRI felt very enclosed but CT scan was fine. i am extremely anxious now though to the point i feel physically sick as soon as i wake up in the morning. i am dreading the results i’m terrified in case it has spread. How long did everybody wait for their results? Hope you all had a good Christmas xxx

Well done Sarahnic for getting through your scans. The MRi isn’t the nicest but you did it! We will all tell you to try not to worry while you wait for your results, but we all worry while we wait for ours! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. The thing is though, that you know there’s a problem but not the extent of it. At this point in time you really need to try not to dwell on it all the time - some people find it helpful to allow themselves a time each day when they can ‘worry’ and concentrate on others things for the rest of the time.

Whatever the result of the scans, you will be treated and you will be treated for a cure - as the ladies on here know. As for how long it will take - I would have expected you to have already been given a date for the meeting with the consultant gynaecologist? This is when you’ll be given your results - it could be 2 - 4 weeks later, it just depends on how busy the department is. I’ll keep everything crossed for you that they will be clear - but whatever they find, it will be treated. X


Hi thanks for your lovely reply it means a lot. i do try not to dwell on it all the time but some days are easier than others. The kids do help to try and keep my mind off it. Yeah i keep thinking the worst about the results from the scan but I need to try stay positive.

I’ve not got a date to see anybody yet?? Is that bad?? Maybe something on it’s way in the post, or would they probably call me with an appointment?? Maybe a delay because of christmas etc. Hope it’s soon though because the waiting is terrible. xxx

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Hi, I didn’t get dates after my scans do you have a CNS (cancer nurse) they usually give you their number when you are diagnosed. Ring them and find out when your results are being discussed at the MDT meeting. In Glasgow where I am the MDT meeting where all the professionals sit round and based on scan results decide who and how they will treat you is on a Wednesday as I got my scans on the Thursday I had to wait the 6 days then I got my outcome that day. Where they told me where it was etc. Then had to wait over two weeks on my appointment with the oncologist and an extra pet scan due to where mine was this was where I got my treatment plan etc but due to this forum I was well prepared as I knew the stage just wasn’t sure if my lymph nodes were involved so knew I would be the chemo rad route at the very least. I hope this makes sense, if it doesn’t just let me know xx

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Hi and thanks for reply. I called my cancer nurse today my meeting was today so she is calling me back tomorrow afternoon. She told me it’s contained in my pelvis which is good news I think but they found a small lesion in my left breast whilst doing the CT scan. She has told me not to worry about that at the moment as it might be nothing. I am now even more worried though it just seems to be one thing after another just now. I also asked her if she had any idea of the treatment I will get and she said possibly chemo-rad then brachytherapy. To say I’m scared is an understatement.

Have you had any treatment yet?? I don’t really know much about it all xxx

Hi, I have an appointment on Friday and start chemo and radiotherapy on Monday then towards the end have 2 inpatient stays overnights in the last two weeks for brachytherapy. I have also had a lump show up on my breast and also nodules on my lungs so I had to go for a pet scan and also a further ct scan and waiting on an appointment at the breast clinic too, the pet scan showed tho that there not hot so unlikely to be cancerous. Where r u based? Xx

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Also on this site I got so much information about the treatment I was expecting which I felt really prepared me when I had my appointment with the oncologist. A few ladies I’m not sure who but possibly Jazza, AMF or jacks have put on blogs of day to day when going through treatment which really helped me to know what I was potentially expecting xx

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oh thats good then, the waiting is horrendous. glad thats you finally getting your treatment started. i live in fife so my treatment will be in edinburgh. how do i find those blogs? xx

@Jacks133 @Jazza @AMF can any of yous help I can’t remember who done the blogs? I will defo let you know how I get on with my treatment as it progresses. I’m in Glasgow so luckily don’t have far to travel for my treatment. If you need to know about any scans etc feel free to ask xx

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Thank you so much. I hope everything goes well for you. Good luck xx

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