Diagnosed with 1B1

Hi all,

I’ve recently been diagnosed with 1B1 cervical cancer.

I had a smear back in April which came back with high grade CGIN
A coloposcopy and LLETZ in June
First saw surgical oncologist last week.

Confirmed this week as 1B1 adenocarcinoma

I’m 36 and I’ve never had children, so looking at a trachelectomy as an option dependent on the result of the MRI which I had this morning. I’m seeing the surgeon again tomorrow after she’s met with the MDT and hopefully will be able to determine then which surgery I can have.

I’ve just been a ball of worry, I’m not sleeping great, and currently I’m just feeling really guilty for feeling bad when I know other people have it worse.

We had really hoped to try for a child soon, and this has thrown everything out of whack. The idea of surgery is really scaring me (I was in hospital a fair bit as a child so I have quite an aversion to them now).

Forgot to mention in my main post. I have had an MRI, but there’s no mention of a PET-CT - is that normal? Most people I’ve seen talk about the PET-CT being standard procedure.

Hi Pidge!

Definitely don’t feel bad about struggling with your diagnosis because other people may have a worse diagnosis. You have every right to feel your feelings. It is a hard thing for anyone to face and I truly hope that your sleep improves soon.

That would be great if a trachelectomy is an option! You will know more about if that is an option following your scan results.

Regarding your question about a PET-CT, it does seem unusual that a PET wasn’t planned but I know every doctor and situation is a little different. the MRI will be able to provide information, but a PET is usually done to confirm the information. You may want to call your doctor’s office and confirm that the MRI is the only test you need for them to be able to make your treatment plan.

I wish you the best of luck! Do what you can to stay busy and not dwell. Find the positives in the little things that you can through this process! Update us and let us know what treatment they determine for you!

Hi there,
Crossing my fingers for your results. I live in France and had both MRI and PET Scan last week. The latter seems to show up cancer cells and offer an even better image of what’s going on inside. I’m scheduled for either trachelectomy or hysterectomy in 3 weeks. I cannot make the decision as I already have children and don’t know for certain what feels right for me. It all feels very abstract as I have no symptoms currently except for bleeding following a LLETZ 2 weeks ago.