Diagnosed with 1A

  1. Hi all, 

Planned kids for 3 years, 2 pregnancy losses. Got ivf appointment, then all this happened. I was diagnosed with cancer, got told it is 1A. I had one conization and expecting the second. I am scared. I had no MRI scheduled. I am having panic attacks and sometime suspecting cancer somewhere else. I wish this nightmare ends.. I so much want to have kids.

Did anyone had second conization? Was it enough? 

Hi lovely,


Sorry to hear you're having to go through this. Are you in the UK?


I've just had my second treatment after they found cancer in my first biopsy.


I'm recovering well second time round seems to be easier with knowing what to expect.


Really sorry to hear it has put a stop to IVF treatment for you.

Please know that if you make it clear you would like to have children they will do everything they can to preserve your cervix.


Like you, I do have moments of worry. This morning I woke up full of anxiety after having a dream that I had uterine cancer that had spread to my cervix. It is normal for our minds to respond in this way to such shocking news.


Just know that your medical team are there to help and support you.


Sending love x

Hi luckyme,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. However, 1a is very early stage so it's great it was caught early. I was also diagnosed 1a1 recently. It has been successfully treated with 2 lletz procedures. The second one was negative so it was actually all removed with the first lletz.

I was also planning a pregnancy just before this happened. I already have children so it's a bit different for me. I have since changed my mind as it's been quite a stressful process. However, my doctor had informed me that my treatment should not affect my fertility. There is an increased risk of premature labour but there are specialists who can monitor your pregnancy and if necessary they can put a stitch in your cervix to help.

I know it all seems really scary at the moment but as you begin to process what is happening you will find it easier.

Lots of love,