Diagnosed today (Type 1a1)

Hi girls,
I can’t believe I’m posting in this section of the forum, I’m in shock and am very frightened.

I’ve just come back from the hospital (pathology results of my LLETZ which I had last wednesday). I thought this was just going to be a quick appointment, no more than 5 minutes, saying I’d need to come back in 4 months for a routine colcoscopy to check everything was still gone following the LLETZ And that I was now HPV free.

To summarise, I had CIN3 (HPV 16) in three areas of my Cirvix. Consultant was 99% sure from what he could see with the naked eye that I did not have cancer.

Today at the appointment he gave me the bad news. In the pathology lab, under the microscope, they have detected that, in all three of the sites, cervical cancer was present. He said that “luckily” it’s type 1a1a so it’s the very earliest form of cancer possible but, I’m still terrified.

Consultant said he hopes that the LLETZ procedure has removed all the cancer so hopefully, although diagnosed, I “no longer have it” but, more tests are needed to make sure.

I am now being referred to The Royal Marsden hospital to a oncologist gynaecologist for an MRI. I will also need to have a Cone biopsy procedure to make sure it’s all gone.

Has anyone else here been diagnosed with Type 1a1?

What is going to happen to me? Will I be able to beat this if it hasn’t all gone? What if it’s worse than 1a1 after they do further tests?

I haven’t had a family yet, I’m so scared this may impact on my chance of being a mother. These are all fears my consultant doesn’t share with me, he has been very reassuring but I can’t help but worry.

I’ve often wondered how I’d react if I was told I had cancer…turns out not that well…I cried my eyes out.

I’d love to hear from anyone why can shed any light on my diagnosis or has been in a similar situation.

Thanks girls. X

Hi LC:

Sorry about your news. It is a total shock when they use the dreaded "c" word and we've all been there. This is a great place for questions and support, so I'm glad that you've found us.

I'm a 1a1 girl too, although I am adenocarcinoma which, I am guessing from your refs to CIN3, you are not.

I had a cone biopsy which removed my teeny tiny cancer, but, because there is always a small chance of further tumours with adenocarcinoma,  I went on to have a simple hysterectomy. I am older than you and had completed my family, so it was no big deal. 

With you, provided you get clear margins, I imagine a cone biopsy will be enough.  They only take a tiny section of your cervix so you should be ok for kids. I would definitely ask these questions to your consultant just so that everyone's on the same page regarding your future plans.

1a1 is very early stages, so you and I are lucky. The chances of a spread is very tiny - my gyno onc said 1% - so the MRI etc are more precautionary than anything else.

You're going to be just fine.

Love t xx


i was seen on monday this week after having biopsies taken a few weeks ago and they said i have "early cancer" and did LLETZ the same day and sent it off to the Lab. Im waiting for results so dont know what stage or anything yet! 

i feel in the same boat as you as i have not had a family yet wither and hoping it wont impact on that. 

I kind of feel a little in limbo at the moment waitng for results. 

feel free to message me for a chat :-)