Diagnosed this morning

Hi there,i went for a colposcopy this morning and was told before I went in that I would be getting treatment as I was borderline cancer. When she started to have a look she stopped and said I am really sorry this looks like a cancer. She took biopsies and said she would rush the results in them and phone me next week. I am in complete shock,I dont know what to do or think…apart from that I am going to die now.
Both my parents passed away very suddenly and within 10 weeks of each other at the start of tbe year,i dont think I am strong enough to take all of this .

Oh sweetie please don't panic!

I say that but I'm still panicking myself slightly from my diagnosis!!

There are lots of ladies on here who will help and advise you, one best bit of advise I got from them was do not Google!!! 

Its a terrible shock but you might be fine!!! She said it looks like it but it may not be! 


Hiya Michelle,thanks for replying. Where are you regards treatment etc? I promised I wouldnt google,and I have kept to it.  I am just totally stunned just now,at a loss. Is it normal to have really heavy bleeding after biopsy? It seems to just be flying from me when I go for a wee x

Hi Brucegirl:

So glad that you have found us, although sorry that you have to join. This is THE best place to come for support and help.

Let's back up a bit here. You went for a colposcopy, so presumably you had an abnormal smear? Did you get any details about what exactly was wrong with your smear? 

The nurse today spotted something suspicious so she took some biopsies. Personally, I don't think she should have speculated on what she saw, but what's done is done. Unfortunately, you have now entered the Waiting Room, where all of us on this forum have spent/are spending/continue to spend time. Waiting sucks, so let me see if I can help.

When I was waiting for results from a cone biopsy, I rewrote my will, hid in my bedroom, watched endless mindless episodes of Midsommer Murders don't ask) and cried. Clearly, I am no one to take advice from. I speculated wildly and generally had myself dead and buried by teatime. Then, thank God, I found this forum and started reading posts about what this is really all about. Then, I started posting and getting support which helped enormously. Make sure you do this. Feeling alone is not good and you will have a billion questions - some small, some huge - and you will find that someone on here has been there, done that and proudly wearing the tee shirt. I found out just how treatable and cureable this is and slowly I felt better. I'm not saying it isn't scary or up and down, but it is doable.

Right now, you have to wait for your results.  If, and it's a big if at this point, if you are diagnosed with cervical cancer please understand that this disease is treatable and cureable. My doctor told me that if you had to pick a cancer to have, this is it: it's treatable and cureable. It's super slow growing and tends to keep very contained. All good things.

You will get a treatment plan, you will be treated and then you will move on with your life. We'll be here with you for every step, holding your hand and cheering you on. 

You can do this. 

love t x

PS If the nurse is wrong I'll send you a gun and you can shoot her. 

You have definitely come to the right place, I've had a similar experience to you, I was told at my Colposcopy appt on 28/7/16 that I had cc which came as a huge shock as I just assumed I had some abnormal cells. I had a LETTZ procedure at the appt and had my MRI yesterday. I now have an appointment next Wednesday to discuss treatment and results.

it is the most scary time and as everyone will tell you its an emotional roller coaster but YOU CAN DO IT!!! The waiting is just the worst!!!!

i have found great comfort in this group and I'm sure you will too. Remember we are all here for you and know exactly how you feel.

Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way

Kim xx

Hi Teresa

yeah I had an abnormal smear, also slight bleeding after sex. The letter I got with my colposcopy appointment just said that changes had been found and that treatment was likely required.  So when I went today, the nurse told me before I went in that the results were severe, and that they would be burning cells away. Then when i went in and the dr got started that's when it all went wrong. She took four biopsies. Thankfully my husband was in the waiting room so the nurse went in and got him so we heard together. She said she was rushing the biopsies through and said about getting an Mari and ct scan in the next two weeks. 

My head is spinning, I can't eat and am so tired but can't sleep. My mind is racing ahead of itself and the worst case scenario is going to happen, I just know it.  X


Hi there

welcome to the forum, where we are all so happy to have found each other and know we have somewhere to turn for questions or venting or support. 

as I'm sure you have read you are at the scariest part of this whole journey, so many unknowns and fears but keep your head on straight. Being in a panic will not help. You are not going anywhere anytime soon and defiantly not from what you think. 

cervical cancer is the cancer to get if you have to get any kind. It does suck but it's doable. At this point you can not just assume the worst as it will do no good. Try as hard as it is to stay calm, know that if it is indeed cancer it will not spread through your body quickly so do not think that while you wait for results it's getting you. When I was first diagnosed I was certain every twinge or ache was it spreading. 

The nurse should have not said that to you and in my opinion that was unprofessional.  Until the reports come back you do not know. The good thing is she said she fast tracked the biopsy so hopefully you will not have to wait too long. 

Stay calm as possible and try to sleep to be able to stay emotionally strong. stay away from Google. 

I hope you will be ok, ask your question here. Read other posts. 


Hi Kim

i certainly am glad I found you all, seems like a lovely place to be.

Tracey x


I found out 2 weeks ago, yesterday I had a cone biopsey done. Consultant was happy with how it went but I'll get my staging next week and more than likely an MRI appointment through soon.

Im really worried still, but using this forum has really helped me deal with coming to terms that I have cancer! In fact I still find it A bit odd...me, cancer.... Nooooo!?

I'm feeling a bit sore and sickie from my op yesterday but I'll take this as long as they can get it out!! That's all I want...it out ASAP!! 

Like the others have said in here, use them for answers, no question is too silly!! 

Try and sleep, someone told me on here you can think more clearly with sleep and it's true!! 


Ps, as for your bleeding I have no idea?? Sorry xx 

Hello Tracey :-)

Welcome to the forum :-) Sorry to hear of your diagnosis but very pleased you have found us here. Definitely the very best place for you on the internet right now. As others have already said STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE. 

Once again I am now going to trot out my favourite story of the week - apologies to those of you who have already read this :-/

Warning; Bit of a ramble - When we were in the process of buying some land in Greece I had a phone call from the estate agent. She said 'There is a problem, no, not a problem as such, it is so small a problem that you couldn't really call it a problem at all' And I like to think of cervical cancer in a similar way. Yes it is cancer and yes we are all brought up to fear this word. BUT, It is so very cureable 'you could hardly really call it cancer at all' :-)

As cancers go, it's a bit of a pussy :-)

Be lucky :-)

Haha Tivoli,this really made me chuckle.

i am so glad I found this place 

Tracey x

I got a phone call from the lead nurse this morning so I told her about it,she said its normal As it was quite a chunk for biopsy. It has calmed right down now thankfully. How are you today?

Tracey x


 Hi Brucegirl57,


I would not worry about that yet

 I was told at my Colposcopy 4 weeks ago that i have definitely pre-cancerous cells/high grade

And I will definetly need lletz procedure

today i received letter saying that's just mild changes non-related to cancer and that I am invited for check-up next year...


don't worry :)!


Hi everyone

well the dr called this morning to tell me the biopsy confirms cc. She said its 3cm and feels contained to the cervix. Also when she did the internal she said everything feels free. I now have mri and ct scans booked for 9th august,with a meeting being held on the 11th. 

I am beside myself with worry thst its spread and uncurable. Every little niggle now has me panic stricken. This is going to be the longest two weeks ever.

Tracey x

Hello Tracey.

It's going to be along couple of weeks for you. The girls have all said in my posts that this waiting game is the hardest part and they are so right.

Just take each day as it comes. You're going to have good days and bad days, the bad are shit.... I get so upset and frightened that I just cry and cry. Just go with what you're feeling. 

They have all said how they've all worried about it spreading and I feel completely the same, every twinge or pain in like holy crap it's now there! Honest to god...

take it easy and don't be too hard on yourself xxx 


I'm sorry that it has come back as cc. I was truly hoping it wasn't. but!!!!! Where you are just now is the worst part. Try to not gOgle ! Try to not freak out.!Stay calm, you are gonna need your strength for the next couple of weeks so try to sleep when you can. Even get something to help. A rested head is a smart one. Easier to manage and think clearly. 

Ask questions here and read older posts. You will feel less alone and understand what's gonna happen. 

You will have hard days and you will have ok days. You will get through this!!!! 

You are not alone.  We are all here for you. 

hi ladies, thanks for your kind words. Today has not been good at all, even tho I totally knew the dr was going to confirm it. I can't stop cuddling my hubby,poor guy is probably aching with me squeezing him. I can't eat properly,it's just sticking in my throat. Although, I made cookies and managed a couple of those. chocolate always works wonders eh?

i told my best friend tonight, and after the initial crying, I made her promise that she is in charge of keeping me sane the next two weeks. This I know she can do.  As you both say, I shall take things day at a time, it's the only way isn't it. 

How are you both feeling today? And where are you from? I hail from Fife,Scotland. 

i look forward to chatting with you lots more 

Tracey xx

Hi tracey

i know that the first 4-5 days after I was told I had cc, I was a complete mess. I was exhausted an overwhelmed with so many thoughts and fears. I was under sooo much stress and couldn't stop thinking about my life, my kids etc. I couldn't stop researching and asking people questions. Technical questions that I wanted to understand.

Finally after no sleep and a break down I went to my gp. Crying hysteria and got some pills to help me cope. They were anti-anxiety pills. I took them for a few days until I could sort through my shock. They helped, I have always thought I would never need such pills in my life as I am usually a very strong person. Anyways, I only needed them for a couple of days and after getting some sleep I was able to manage. I think my hubby needed them more then me.

After scans, and staging I knew what I was facing and could wrap my head about it and amazingly my random pains and aches stopped. 

its such a scary time where you are but pls trust me when I say the shock of this wears off a bit and once you know what's the plan you will feel better. 

i still feel im in denial a bit, "me,cancer??" "No way". But that's normal I'm told. 

I live in Canada. im 38 years old. I never had an abnormal smear or any issues before this year. And I will take,learn,what I can from this and move forward in my life. We cannot control the hand we get dealt but we can control how we use it!!

keep me posted And don't be afraid. We are all here for you