Diagnosed November 25th

Hi everyone,
I was diagnosed 25th November with well differentiated squamous cell cancer. I have my CT scan on 9th and my MRI on 11th. I am so worried that it my have already spread elsewhere. Since my biopsy I have have a lot of discharge, is this normal?

Hi Myrtle1… So sorry to hear of your diagnosis but at least everything seems to be moving very quickly for you. I had my biopsies taken a couple of weeks ago and last week given confirmation of cervical cancer diagnosis. I am still awaiting MRI appointment but what I can tell you is that I am still having more discharge after the biopsies than I was before, and that was just over two weeks ago-ish? They told me not to worry unless it smells offensive or I start bleeding enough to have to change the pad every hour so I haven’t followed it up. Like you I assume it has gone everywhere as I stupidly hadn’t kept up with smear testsI hope this helps. Stay strong! xx

Thank you Snowbird. It’s such a worry isn’t it? I am up to date with my smear tests, so was a complete shock that I have cancer. I had been bleeding after sex so went for a check up and got fast tracked. Hope you get sorted soon xx

Hi yes it’s normal. After my biopsy my discharge has increased as well. I think it’s because of the procedure. Also if it’s watery, it’s another symptom of the cancer. Did you already get results from your scan? Please keep us posted. We’re all here for you. Xx

Thank you May17, I haven’t had my scan results yet, I’m hoping to get them sometime next week. xx

Good luck for your scan results Myrtle1 and keep strong and positive. I think it’s the best thing we can do for ourselves despite, naturally, our occaional little meltdowns! Will be thinking of you and please keep us updated. xxx