diagnosed monday (children mentioned)

Hi everyone just found this site

I had abnormal smear had a colposcopy then lletz procedure then monday was told I have stage 1a2, I had no idea what was going on down there so glad I went for my regular smear!

I am 34 with 3 children so not planning on any more, if I tell them from the off set that ill have a hysterectomy will this make things happen quicker?

I have got mri & ct scan booked next week, I just need to know it hasnt spread im trying to stay positive they caught it early etc but I still have that ‘jade goody’ senerio in the back of my head,

I feel so up & down at the mo telling people was the hardest ive not told my youngest 2 as I dont think they need to know mum has cancer but dh is going to tell them on sat that mummy isnt well so needs to go hospital to make everything ok again I dont think they will ask questions but I dont think I can tell them myself without breaking down & I dont want to scare them

Who else agrees its just that word. …every time I hear it now my heart sinks just never expected it to happen to me :frowning:

Hi there,


so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It's horrid, not fair and a bit of a roller coaster. Given that you have 3 children ready, I think they'd be more than happy to go with a hysterectomy and it will be taken into account. My little girl was 2.5 years when I was diagnosed and I only told her I was poorly when I went for my op. It was fairly rough on her after as I'm a stay at home mum so she really missed me as she went to stay with my parents for a week. I stopped telling her about my appointments in the end and just said I was going to the supermarket as she got terrified I was going to leave her each time. The Macmilman website has some good info on how to break the news to older children, so definitely worth a read. Stay strong, you will get through it. It does get easier to deal with too. Jade xx

So so sorry that you had this bed news. Your story is so similar to my own. And the 1st thing I thought when I was told was jade goody.
I’m booked in on the 1st April to have radical hysterectomy!!
I’m so scared about it all and like you I’m so up and down. Look on the positive side that they have found it early and your gonna be ok, one thy have removed it!! If you would like to pm me to keep in touch. It’s always nice to have someone that is going through the same things and know how you are feeling. X all the very best X

I am so glad I found this site, so many similar stories.  I am so sorry for each and every individual going through this.  I complete agree Tracy it is that 'c' word, I can still barely bring myself to say it, it really does just make people crumble right before your eyes. 

I was diagnosed on 4th February, much like yourself I would have happily gone with the Hysterectomy if it had been the best possible outcome.  Not for me though im 30 and have no children so will be having 5 weeks of Chemoradiation.  Truly inspiring reading about others and the success stories.  So many websites offering support but to have something specific to CC makes a huge difference.  I thank everyone for sharing, it has helped me greatly.

Smear 03/01/14

Called for Colposcopy 27/01/14

CC Diagnosis 04/02/14

MRI & CT 18/02/14

PET Scan 04/03/14

Treatment begins 01/04/14


Hi. Best not to get too far ahead of yourself if you can. Your team will talk all of your options through with you and will help you make an informed choice, if there is one to make. The one good thing about diagnosis is that things tend to happen very quickly from here, although it probably won't feel that way to you.

So sorry to welcome you to the club nobody wants to join, but it's better than trying to cope alone. You can always come here to let it all out.

Best of luck