Diagnosed June...now no trace!

Hi all,

I just thought I'd write a quick message to you all who are starting out on this journey. I vividly remember waiting for results from an EUA, then waiting for staging, then waiting for treatment to start! In between I'd convince myself it was worse/had spread/stage 4 etc etc. It's totally normal but was one of the hardest times. Having answers and a plan helped a lot!

I was staged 2b and had 5xchemo, 28X radio & 3brachytherapy started mid July. Treatment was fine (aside from them or giving me all my medication!) I had some nausea from chemo (was better once they actually gave me the steroids id been prescribed!) and was often tired. Had some bowel issues from radio but that has mostly cleared up. Brachy isn't pleasant but was much worse in my head!

I am so pleased to say that I've been told there is no trace of the cancer now. Its still not an easy time, there is a lot to get my head around, but the treatment does work.

Sending you all love and hope X 

Wonderful news Sweet Pea That's given me a big boost ready for tomorrow's op. All within less than six months too. So pleased for you. This will hopefully give some others having a really tough time waiting for results, diagnosis and treatment plans. Enjoy xxx

That's awesome news Sweetpea. So so happy for you. I've had a small hiccup but hoping for the same great news next week.