Diagnosed at 26 (children mentioned)

Hello ladies,

Unfortunately found out on Thursday last week that I have stage 1b CC. My main worry is that I am only 26 and have no children. My nurse has tried to reassure me that the MDT team will take my fertility into consideration when deciding on the treatment but I am terrified I am going to have to have a hysterectomy.

I have seen a lot of members on here who have had the same diagnosis as me and a radical hysterectomy seems to be the common treatment.

Can anyone put my mind at ease that this isn't the common procedure for this diagnosis? I've always wanted to have children one day and something like this hitting you just solidifies these feelings!

Finding out results of MRI and MDT meeting today. Say a prayer for me!

Katy x

Hi Katy, i hope you’re ok… I’m sorry you’ve been diagnosed and had to join the club!
I’m 26 now… Was diagnosed at 25… I was never told what stage I was… Just that it was “early stages”

I had a Trachelectomy and lymph node removal on 10th July… This took away my cervix, top part of my vagina and lymph nodes… Leaving my uterus and my fertility intact!!
They had the MDT meeting and decided this was the best option for me as I wanted children at some point.

If you have any questions please ask :slight_smile:
I know this is a scary time right now, but you can get through this and we’re all here to support you! :slight_smile:
Good luck with the results today - let me know how you get on

Em xxx

Thanks for replying Em, I feel like we are in exactly the same situation with us being the same age and probably similar diagnosis. I have no doubt you will have a few questions fired at you over the next couple of weeks!!

This wait to hear the results from my MRI is truly horrendous, I feel so anxious today and just need confirmation of what is going to happen.


I can’t tell you how much this forum has been my saviour, I must’ve read every single post. Although on Mon I did read a little bit too much, the only word that seemed to register with me was ‘hysterectomy’ so I had a little panic and breakdown. Trying to stay positive J


Katy xx

Fire away!! Honestly I’ve quizzed so many ladies and it really helped me.
The waiting is the hardest part… It drove me insane. Hang in there it can’t be too much longer!! I remember waiting for a call and when the phone actually rang I was too scared to answer it!! Had to phone them back!

good luck again! Xx

Haha, made me chuckle you had to phone them back.

Had the results from my nurse. There are no visible tumors and no lymph node involvement so they are going to do a trachelectomy. I am SO relieved, feel on top of the world! Going to the clinic tomorrow to chat through the results and get some more info on the trachelectomy.

How was your experience with it? How long were you in hospital? Was it painful?

Katy x

Hi Katy,

I also just wanted to say Im sorry about your diagnosis.  Though I'm so pleased that you can have a trach tp preserve your fertility.  Em will be the expert on this op for you Smile.  Though we are all here for you should you have any questions or are just having a rubbish day.  Sending you big hugs. xx

Great news! X

I shall send you a PM! :slight_smile: xx

I'm so sorry to hear your results but the fact it's been caught early will bode well.


I have no idea what to say but just wanted to send you hugs.

Thanks Beckyboo - find out my op date tomorrow :) x

Hi ladies,

I too was diagnosed with cc at 26, which was a great shock and distress to me at the time. Stupidly, i have only gone on this site today (5 years later!) I wish i had found it earlier as there is some great support and advice on here.

I had a radical trachelectomy too to try and preserve fertility. I recovered really well from the operation, actually much quicker than the lymp node operation. Make sure you get lots of rest afterwards though, take things really easy. Thankfully i've been extremely lucky and havn't had any issues post treatment with periods,lymphodema etc

I know it's only early days in regards to your treatment but when you're ready to start a family, make sure that your oncologists give you some fertility support as i really missed out on this. It took quite a while for fertility investigations to get underway. The departments event though in the same building didnt seem to liase very well.

Take care and i wish you all the best xx



Hi Katy,

I just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I am 31 and like you was diagnosed with CC stage 1b1 in July.  I only signed up to the forums yesterday & your post was one of the first I read. I can completely relate to almost everything you have written so I wanted to write to you & say don't feel alone, as you can see there are lots of women who have been/ are going through the same thing.

As I said i'm 31 and as yet have not had children however I have always had dreams of having children of my own one day. As you said my worst fear was also the thought of having a hysterectomy as I wasn't aware there was any other option, this was not the case though. My consultant took my case to a MDT (just like you) and it was decided that fertility spearing surgery was the way forward. I have just had a I had a trachelectomy (the same as you are due to have) and had 21 lymph nodes removed on 10th August (4 weeks ago). This took away my cervix, top part of my vagina leaving my uterus and fertility intact. Although it's an operation for negative reasons due to CC I now feel grateful that the MDT decided on this option as I now have a chance of still being able to have children, things could have been very different. It is hard at times like this to find positive thoughts but this is definately one that you should hold onto & that it has been caught early.

It's certainly great news that there are no visible tumors and no lymph node involvement, this is a real positive point.  When is your operation booked for?

If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask, no matter how small

Take care & Best wishes x