Diagnosed advanced CC waiting on PET scan

Hi is their anyone with any advice/answers???  I have a 4.6cm tumour, spread to nodes in pelvis and abdomen,  now have to have pet scan to check liver and lungs.

Is this normal or because of worries over CT scan??? My nurse only works 2 days a week so struggling to get answers or support! 


I havent had a pet scan but I have read others who have.  They are only doing it to get a better picture of your cervical cancer and to find a way of treating it. 

Try not to worry easier said than done I know.  Did they tell you what stage they think your cancer is at.

Love Emma xxx


Thanks for your reply, they wont tell me stage until we have pet scan results but she said its very advanced and couldnt be removed.


Generally as a rule anything over 4cms is classed as too big for surgery, this is what my consultant said, you will probably have radiotheraphy, chemotherapy and Brachtherapy(spelt wrong).  The good news is that now you have been diagnosed everything will move in breakneck speed x

That's what concerns me, the speed or lack of!!! 2 weeks for pet scan and no treatment before Christmas!?!??

hey - i know its easy to say but try not to worry about the speed of things. i was exactly the same, wanted everything done yesterday so to speak! there are really long waiting lists for the PET scan so i think two weeks is actually quite quick. im sure they just want to know exactly what they are looking at before they decide on treatment plan. i had PET scan but all nodes were negative. initially thought surgery wasnt an option but they decided to take a chance and do it - size exactly 4cm so literally on the border between treatments! now im going to start radio and chemo as well. But going back to the waiting thing i know its really hard but it was 4 weeks from diagnosis till i had my surgery and would have been 6 weeks if i had have been having the other treatment first. Hopefully once you have the pet scan they will be able to get treatment started really quickly. i was always worring that it would be spreading as we waited but the kept telling me it wouldnt happen that quickly (not that it was any help) hope you get some answers soon! take care x

hi hun,

I know how you feel, they did the biopsy of me and straight away the MRI to confirm that the tumor was too big for surgery, around 4 cm also. It took until last week so at least a 3 week gap before they did my petct scan. they did that last week and i havent heard anything yet, i am going in for my first round of taxil/carbo today so i guess they are waiting for me to go in to let me know the results of my scan. either way it all seems to take ages especially when youre worried. Hope all goes well for you sweety, keep us up to date about progress, i will try and check back and let you know what happens to me as it seems im a little ahead of you treatment wise so i can give you heads up. Most people seem to have stage 1s and 2s and when your told your at stage 3 its quite worrying as it so much further advanced than that of others...


fingers crossed for you xxx