Diagnosed 26/04/17- is it normal to not be sent for a scan

Hi, I have only been diagnosed 26/04/17 following a smear and subsequent LLETZ. I am happy the surgeon is confident a cone biopsy is all the treatment I need, but from what I have read on forums etc most women in a similar situation are sent for a scan as well.  My surgeon does not seem to think this is necessary, should I request one to be sure?


If it's a very small cancer they often don't do scans. I had small 1a1 removed with lletz then just followed with cone biopsy. They weren't going to do an mri but I was very anxious about spread so they gave me a pelvic mri.  For me I just needed that reassurance x

Although I had a scan, probably due to hospital protocol as I didn't ask for it, mine was all clear as its so rare to have spread at stage 1 x

Hi Tink :)

I was diagnosed following a LLETZ op and then after that I had a pelvic MRI scan.

Perhaps they can tell from the sample removed that the cancer is tiny and so very unlikely to have spread but if it's worrying you, maybe they will let you do the same as Libby and send you for a scan to ease your worries.