Diagnosed 1b2 Monday 6th of jan

Hi ladies I have been reading all your posts and how amazing you all are. I was diagnosed on Monday 6th of jan stage 1b2 cervical cancer I'm 24 years old. I had no symptoms what so ever. I had my ct scan today which was fine but I can't stop thinking that the cancer may have travelled else where cause of finding out after my first ever smear that I had cancer you can not speculate about it. I have got to have 6 weeks of radiotherapy and chemo. Before it was confirimed I had cancer I did the most stupid thing in reading on google and diagnosed my self with all sorts. also the body has ways of tricking you with aches and pains that occur after finding out and then u start to worry more as like me you think it has spread. I have a 4 year old daughter who is prop ally the thing helping me the most as I no I must do this and beat it for her. i hope u all are getting through the treatment which was provided for you ok. Just wondering anyone have radio and chemo what are the side effects of it? I do no some but they do have to list all possible side effects which can be scary xxx

Hey, sending you best wishes. It's a very scary time and the waiting and drives you insane. Stay away from google , I made mistake of googling after my diagnosis wish I'd just come straight on here. I've just had my first radiotherapy this afternoon and it's not as scary as I thought. You will get through this . Lea xx

Yes google is a bad bad thing but sometime when the questions pop in your head you can't help but take a quick peak lol. I am dealing with it quite well considering everyone around me thinks I'm so brave( not had a cry yet) my only worry now is results of ct scan as they said to make sure it's not spread :( not a good thing to say lol. Thanks for your reply it means a lot :) this site is really good :) xxx

6/12/2013 first smear test

10/12/2013 letter receiveds abnormal result colposcopy booked for 19/12/2013

19/12/2013 colposcopy done unsuccessful as tilted cervix consultant concerned

23/12/2013 MRI and pre assessment for full pelvic exam and biopsy under general

24/12/2013 biopsy and pelvic exam

6/1/2014 diagnosed with stage 1b2 treatment of 5 weeks radio and 5 weeks chemo 1 day week

9/1/2014 ct scan

awaiting results and initial radio and chemo consultation

oh it breaks my heart to read of yet another diagnosis and at your first smear also.  sending you much love.

i'm sure it hasn't spread and the treatment will be successful.

best wishes from the other side...

Lots of luck with ur treatment xxx

You will find so much strength because of ur daughter, she will keep u on top of all this as my daughter did for me. Im so sorry for ur diagnosis but want to say u will get through this, positive thinking and faith in urself will be so important. Let us know how u get on xxx


So sorry to hear of your diagnosis I hope this helps you before and during treatment I know it helped me and 3 and a half years after treatment I suffer no side effects 


I was diagnosed on April 1st 2010 with cervical cancer 1b1. I was 63 then.
Once i made my decision to have chemoradiotherapy I trawled the net to see what I
could do to help myself.
I found that if i used aqueous cream on the area that was going to be irradiated every day before treatment it would help.So i asked when i had my interview before treatment and they said it was ok to use it.
Every morning after my shower i rubbed it in the whole area, not too much just enough to make your skin feel soft.
Three days before chemo eat a piece of crystalized ginger every day, carry it with you afterwards even
when you have medications to stop sickness it is always handy.
Drink a pint of water on your way to your radiotherapy treatment and do not empty your bladder until
after treatment. Remeber to do the same thing on your planning appointment.
To protect your bowels every day take yakult(pro-biotic drink) or (and) aloe vera drink.
During the last week of treatment you will wonder if any of this works! Trust me it does.None of us
gets away with it.however this regime will help you to help yourself.

Sorry to hear your news try stay positive i  was stadge 2b last year had six weeks radio everyday  chemo and bracky and i have had all clear now everyone has different side effects anti sickness meds helpsxxxxgood luck