Diagnosed 1b1, LVSI, Rad Hysterectomy

Hi all so had my appointment with the consultant yesterday and here's what he's said,

- MRI was clear no sign of tumour

- cervical cancer further up cervix and are poorly differentiated cells which are aggressive.

- Also found LVSI ( Lympho vascular space invasion) cancer cells inside the lymph channel.

- decided to go for Radical hysterectomy and told that I would have to have extra treatment at the end, waiting for appt to see radiologist/chemo specialist

- cancer stage 1b1.


yesterday I absorbed everything he had to say and thought I'd took it really well however today it's hit me like a ton of bricks, also since Saturday night Ive started having panic attacks I never had them before and I feel like there coming more frequent.

just wanted to write this post to see if anyone has been in the same position as me I terms of staging and the LVSI, it is this that is concerning me as I don't really know what it means and he seemed very worried by it.

i would also like to know how long did you all wait from being staged to having the radical hysterectomy, its my best friends wedding 2 weeks Sunday and I really do not want to miss it as we are all part of the wedding page boys, flower girl bridesmaid etc however I know that my health comes first.

Can I finally ask aswell did anybody get really overwhelmed by the amount if people wanting to ask how you are and well wishing you on your journey and telling you your a strong person because at the minute everyone is being really really nice and I just want to scream and tell them to leave me alone. 

Sorry for the long post !! And again thank you so much to this site and everyone that's part of it, it's like. Y little sanctuary when I'm on here reading everyone's stories and getting my thoughs and feelings down so thanks xxxx

Hi there...I had 1b2, the squamous type tho and had a rad hyst in August. I also had lvsi present, but only a tiny bit according to my path report. I have since found out that the original biopsy showed lvsi, so they knew about it before hand and didn't tell me (advantage of working for the nhs I can look up my own results). The biopsy must have got rid of much of it. I needed rads after too! My tumour was 5cm and it was growing outwards into the vagina rather than up through the cervix, which was a good thing, so I am told. Hope it all goes well for you. H x

Hi. I was 2a with lvsi. I had RH and lymphodectomy. My lymph nodes were clear. I was offered Radiotherapy and decided against it. My doc told me I had a 10% chance of it coming back and radio would of reduced this to 7%. do keep in mind that you can only have radio in the same place once. My thoughts are that if it comes back I still have radio as an option. You need to ask lots of questions about chances of it coming back etc etc. my doc supported my decision but said that had I been under a neighbouring hospital I would not have been so supported. Sso like all cases, all hospitals ar different. My risk factors were tumour size (37mm) and the lvsi. Against radio was also my bladder which was left damaged by the op (nerve damage all recovered now) it's a really scary time, but try to take one step at a time. Get the op out of the way, and then you will have more answers and s better idea of how you want to proceed. Good luck. Feel free to pm me with any questions.  

Hi :-)

A lot of people who haven't ever been told that they have cancer don't understand very well how to speak to those of us who have. So yes, it can be very overwhelming having quite so many people suddenly taking an interest in your health. I am sorry to report that this will now continue. I am not on facebook and so I have a list of about 50 people I have to email after each of my check-ups, people who I wouldn't normally discuss my health with. If you are on facebook you might want to try putting up a statement about your health and the fact that you don't wish to discuss it in person. That might work, I don't know. Certainly in my tiny community I have become 'the person with cancer' and it has to be talked about at every single get-together because it is just so much more interesting than anybody else's everyday life YAWN.

So I think it comes with the territory and is something that you learn to live with along with all the rest of the baggage.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the op is scehduled for after the wedding.

Be lucky



Am.new to this but am still waiting for biopsy  results have to have mri it all seems to be a nightmare.  Trying to carry on normal but it's always on my mind it's the waiting. Had a large loop biopsy which went well but still need mri. Have had normal smears from 1994 to 2012 and now this has come back with servere dyfkaryosis. Also I have had no symptoms.