Diagnosed 1a1



Hi everyone.

on Friday I was diagnosed with stage 1A1 cervical cancer. I had lletz 3 weeks ago and in what they took away (a large area) there was 0.3mm x 0.2mm of cancer. Now I know this is tiny, he said he couldn't even draw it on a piece of paper. But I am concerned as he hasn't sent me for an MRI, he said he didn't need to as it was so small. Is this correct? I'm back in on Wednesday for another lletz treatment just as a precaution he said because he is very confident its all removed.

So I guess I'm just after a bit of advice really, what are the chances it has spread? I was absolutely devastated on Fri but am feeling more positive now about everything.

thankyou for reading and thank goodness I found this site.


holly :-)

Hi Holly, I think given the small size and the treatment you've had, plus the surgeons confidence you can be sure it hasn't spread. People with Much larger tumours have had no spread. despite the fact you have not had an MRI I suspect they will see you regularly anyway. It's fantastic news that it was caught so early! 

Hi holly,

I'm in a similar position to you. Found out last week there are 2 small areas of cc showing from lletz results staged 1a1. All I've been told about size is less than 3mm by 7mm combined, interested to know exact measurements. Anyway, I'm waiting for an appointment to have a cone biopsy under ga as my margins weren't clear and they are confident this will remove everything. I asked about mri and they said there is no need to do an mri as at this stage of cancer it wouldn't have any benefit or tell them anything they don't already know. She did also say they could do an mri if I wanted it purely for peace of mind. I've decided to leave it until after my operation results and then I'll see if I want to request one. I've been assured that they will keep a very close eye on me for at least the next 3 years so I feel well supported and therefore not too concerned. If you are concerned however, you could try requesting one. I hope your lletz treatment goes OK and glad we've both been fortunate enough to find out so early on. All the best :). Xxx

I was exactly the same as you but just one area and the paperwork said less than 0.1mm. My second lletz cameback all clear as did my first check up smear. Though it did come back abnormal to start then at Colposcopy he did a biopsy but all came back no CIN or CC. This is all the treatment I had. No scans

Hi Holly,

I think the chances that yours has spread are zip! Mine was 75mm (three inches) and hadn't spread :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thanx everyone for replies!! i'll be glad when it's all over!! Good luck jojo, let us know how u get on!! Good luck!!


Holly xxx

Holly - to add that I had an MRI that showed nothing yet LLETZ showed 18mm tumour so an MRI may not be a definitive scan, you could check on this if you do decide to have an MRI. Sounds good news though :-)