Diagnosed 1a1. Worried.

1A1 ladies...What are your experiences of 1A1? I know I’ve been lucky that it’s been found early, but I don’t think it stops the way it feels initially finding out. I can’t help wondering and worrying what the future holds now. 

My story is previous normal smears and recently had an abnormal smear, had a Colposcopy and severe dyskaryosis was found, I then had a LEEP/LLETZ, I was then told last week that 1a1 was found within the high grade cells and now I’m booked in for another LEEP/LLETZ next week to check for clear margins. My case will be discussed at an MDT this week, and I will be told the outcome at my next appointment. 

Success rate super high. Don't worry. Your tests have done you proud. Well done for getting through it all. Hopefully that's the end of it and you can move on and enjoy your lihe to the full.

Karen x 

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I was diagnosed 1a1 I January 2015 after lletz to remove cin3/severe dyskariosis. I'd been having 6 monthly smears and colposcopies due to mild changes and hpv then suddenly it jumped to high grade. I was given a cone biopsy under general and the result of that was all clear 'no residual cancer or cin'. I also had a pelvic mri for my reassurance. Clear smears until 2 years later where colposcopy was normal but smear said moderate changes so I had a 3rd lletz which confirmed smear result. Smears and colposcopies normal since then and hpv test negative so now on yearly checks. It's a hell of a shock hearing cancer but 1a1 is so so tiny and very easily treated and just got to kick that hpv then hopefully be ok. 

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I was 1a1, had two LLETZ treatments without clear margins, a tumour found in each sample taken at LLETZ. Second LLETZ results were given end of November,hysterectomy was booked for Jan, and now I'm recovering well. I have two children though,  so the hysterectomy was an easier proposition for me than for some. 

Cervical cancer at this stage meant five months out of my life, major surgery, lots and lots of worry and stress,  but I was also lucky that it could be dealt with surgically and I didn't need further treatment. 

I hope your journey is as smooth as can be.

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I was also just diagnosed with 1A.  I’m incredibly nervous while waiting on my treatment plan.  Sending good vibes to you. 

Thank you for your replies ladies. I since had the 2nd LLETZ and the results did not have clear margins for CIN3 so awaiting the outcome of another MDT and if further treatment is needed. I am hopeful they can preserve fertility. 

hi @bythecanal may I kow the size of the tumours? I am 1a1, 1mm depth