Dex side effects and Star Wars


Up early again on the old Dexamethasone steroids!

Thankfully it’s the last day I have to take them as they have been playing havoc with my sleep patterns as well as making me feel extremely hyper and wired during the day!

On the plus, I’ve had next to no sickness and I’m sure they have basically powered me through work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and super charged my creativity!

Yesterday was 4am slot with Monty Don talking about his dry beds which then got me out redesigning whole bits of my garden.

Then it occurred to me as it was May the 4th - Star Wars Day, that my tumor was in fact the Death Star.

This was after a conversation with my radiologist, about phase 2 of my treatment being the bit where they target the tumor (essentially Luke and the Resistance going in to destroy the Death Star with his proton laser thingy). So then it occurred to me phase 1 must be Obi wan Kenobi taking down the tractor beam (or what are also known as my lymph nodes).

Anyway it made for a funny conversation in radiotherapy - now know as the Resistance!

So one more day of crazy, fast-powered me before the weekend slump, where I’m sure I’ll be channeling my inner Jabba the Hutt!

How have the steroids affected you?


That made me laugh! :smiley:
All I managed to do was eat for England! which is good and bad! :slight_smile:


Oh the steroids!!
Wow so 2019 I was on Dex, had the normal side effects, a bit wired nothing special, maybe a bit more hungry.
Fast forward to now. Back on dex as having cibreknife radiotherapy. Oh my goodness… I’m so swollen in my face, I feel like my skin is going to split, I’m bloated, feel short of puff due to the bloating and I’m so hungry my mind just won’t shut off… it’s like a million things running through my mind every second.
I can’t wait to come off them. I’m not getting any pain relief from them as they had hoped, but have been asked to stay in them while I have my sessions!!
Not to long I hope.
Hope you can soon come off your too!

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@Emsjc that sounds like no fun at all! It must feel really tender and sore. I hope it calms down soon x

Thankfully I’ve had my last one!

I think chemo and rads both make me ravenous!

I’ve just been craving really salty things!