Devastated and scared newly diagnosed

Yes, any supplements that might protect the body, including antioxidants, are banned during chemo. They don’t want anything to diminish the destructive nature of the chemo, because it is a poison. Once you’ve finished your treatment supplements are necessary - please include good strong probiotics as your gut flora will be decimated. There are a number of research papers that suggest B12 malabsorption can result from radiotherapy and chemo, so B12 supplements or even injections (in the US they’re much more informed about B12) along with folate are a really good idea to mitigate the neurological affects of chemo, and don’t undermine the chemo…

Just to add, I am a gastric bypass patient so I have malabsorption issues anyway. I gave myself B12 shots every week throughout my chemo, having read some research on this, and my oncologist was happy about this.

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Thanks Jack. This is really informative. I was taking folate and b12 prior to treatment and just stopped because I thought it might affect the efficacy of the chemo. But I’m planning on resuming taking supplements post treatment and also the probiotic will be great help as the gut is really affected by the treatments both chemo and radiation. Anyway, how are you? Been thinking about you. I hope you’re doing well. When are you gonna get your scan results? I’m praying for best outcome and sending you much

Hi Spygirl, how are things w your sister? Did she finish treatments already? Hope all is well. Just wanna send some love and positive vibes.xx

Hi Ronaldess, are you on your chemorads treatment now? I hope you’re coping well and the first 6 cycles of chemo got rid of the spread. Thinking about you and just wanna send you some love and prayers. xx

Thanks for your message.I start my chemorads this coming monday,so bit scary.
I had more ct/mri results back and my tumor which has shrunk even more and they can’t see any thing on my lung now,so all positive as i go into my next stage of treatment.
Again thanks for your supoort,greatly appreciated

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That’s really great news! I’m so happy for you. You did it! I’m very happy the chemo got rid of the spread to your lungs. It’s so inspiring to know that even w spread there’s chance of cure. You’re almost there. I think you’ve already been through the hardest part. The chemo with the radiation is cisplatin it’s lower dose than the ones you had. You got this! I really admire your strength and you’ve come a long way. So proud of you. Please keep us posted. Sending you much love.xx


Going on bout myself. How are you doing with your treatment etc. Also all you lovely ladie’s that are good enough to share your experience,diagnosis,treatment and encouraging new’s,it really does keep me positive.
So thanku all. You are all in my thought’s and let’s hope for good new’s all round :pray: hugs,kisses and good vibe’s

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Ronaldess, You’re such an inspiration. Thank you for telling us how you’re getting on. It’s such a relief to know and will for sure give hope to others being newly diagnosed at stage 4 w spread to lungs that it can be treated! That’s huge as I remember looking for that hope the first time I ever posted as my doctor suspected spread to lungs at first. Now you’re gonna do the chemorads like the rest of us and will be able to beat this horrendous illness!

Oh and to answer your question I’m on my 5th week now. I’m based in the US. I think every country is different as my radiologist oncologist saying I’m gonna have 2 week break after external rads and chemo before my brachy as an inpatient for 2-3 days. It’s totally different from other ladies here that the brachy is included on the 5 weeks. I am quite thrilled to have the 2 weeks break and yet would ask him if it’s okay to leave it for that long as I worry about giving the cancer the chance to grow back if that makes sense.
You’re an epitome of strength. Please keep updating us. Much love and support.xx