Devastated and scared newly diagnosed

Thank you so much may, I don’t feel so scared now it was the not knowing that was just awful, ive got to wait to see oncologist to discuss treatment plan should hear soon hopefully, please keep me updated lots of love to you xx

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Hi Dawnann,

Sorry to hear your diagnosis. Treatments today are excellent and if doctors say they are treating to cure believe them.
It is going to be a tough journey there’s no doubt about that but you can do it.:muscle:
We are all thinking about you.
Take care x

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It looks like treatment for stage 4 will be months of chemo first to get rid of spread then the chemorads. It will be a long journey but I know you got this. I will continue to include you in my prayers. I am probably gonna be facing the same treatment as my CT Scan said they need to investigate more if it has spread to my bladder/ureter causing my left kidney to swell because of partial ureter blockage. At this point we have no other choice but to keep the faith. Let’s keep each other posted. Sending lots of hugs. Xx

Thank you so much you are in my thoughts we will get through this together xx

Hope you don’t mind me asking, did they see the spread through the CT scan? The only spread is in your rectum and lymph nodes right? If it hasn’t spread on the back passage you were only stage 3. Did you have any symptoms at all that it already had spread to your rectum? Anyway I’m sorry for asking a lot it’s because we’re kinda in the same situation and you’re right not knowing is the worst part. I hope as soon as you meet w your oncologist you get a start date for your treatment ASAP. At this point I can’t believe I wanna say I’m looking forward to chemo just to alleviate these symptoms I have and also the pain.

I I don’t mind at all please keep asking, they said the cancer was on the outer layer of the back passage but hadn’t penetrated the rectum, it’s pushing on the bladder causing me to wee a lot, Lymph nodes in the pelvis are swollen-and there is a question mark on the liver but they are not to worried about that, lungs and lung function are good and nothing i the bones, it was picked up by the combination of mri and ct xx

I’ve had hardly any symptoms which is really scary, a few spots of blood and pelvic pain, not enough to have to take pain killers, bowels are open every day as usual I’m not tired or sick, just an an annoying period type pain xx

Hey Dawn and May!

I just read this thread and I don’t want to run without saying anything. Both of you, please take a deep breath and just focus on the word ‘curable’. Treatments are so excellent nowadays, even many ladies from stage 4b can get into remission and be cured with chemo and radiotherapy.

While getting the right treatment, I just want to remind you to stay positive and keep the faith (I know it’s easy to say but difficult to do). Don’t forget to stay healthy for the upcoming treatment. Drink lots of water, eat more proteins, greens, as well as fruits that are loaded with antioxidants/anti-cancer properties (I usually make smoothies for my mum who is currently undergoing her treatment).

That being said, I hope the best for both of you guys and others who are recently diagnosed with cervical cancer as well. I will be praying for you guys. Sending big hugs, lots of love, and strength for you to overcome this! You got this!!! xxx



Goodness, you’ve been through and still going through a lot. I really admire your positivity and the will to continue fighting. When I was diagnosed a few days ago all I can think of is I’m dying soon. Especially when they start talking about other organs and that it might’ve spread. Now I’m waiting 10 days to see oncologist to check on my CT scan and see where to go from there. Still hanging doesn’t have any idea what stage. It’s torture. But as other ladies here saying I guess no matter what the stage is we can’t let go of hope and faith that we can still beat this. It’s hard but giving up is not an option. You’re included on my prayers. Sending lots of hugs. We’re here for you. Xx

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Yes that’s really odd. Your symptoms are so mild and you said it didn’t show up til August? My symptoms from mild spotting from 2 years ago up to these past few month where I have random bleeds, pelvic and lower back pain and nausea that comes and goes. Also watery discharge I have them all. Now I’m also feeling ill just generally unwell. So when they talk about spread I’m pretty sure it’s the case. So it feels like forever to have it all sorted out. I’m yet to find out. Anyway, keep me posted, always here for you. Xx

Thank you May :heart:

Thank you, i talk to some ladies on the canceruk forum and they have had bad symptoms, such as heavy bleeding severe pain, loss of appetite but there has been no spread and have been diagnosed with 2a and 2b and are now completely fine, there is always hope may try not to panic, the waiting is torture isn’t it, you need constant re assurance from people, that’s why I am constantly on these forums it does help xx

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Yes it really does help to talk to ladies that are experiencing the same. It’s sad that we’re all going through this but you’re right there’s always hope and we can’t give up. Hope you’ll get your treatment date soon! Keep me posted. You’re always in my thoughts and prayers. Xx

Thank you so much just get in touch if you need to chat xx

Yes op was successful removed all they thought but cells started to grow at top of V where they had stitched cervix up obviously not visible to them the cells grew after op.
Resent ct scan pre radiation showed tumour at top of V plus multiple tumours on the margins and under main scar from op! Surgeon (which op was performed at Birm Hosp) not my local said CT Scan would show liquid pockets as tumours, so just had one chemo last week and after Christmas will get another ct scan to check it all out! I’m not uncomfortable or showing visible signs of these multiple tumours so I’m not convinced! Only scans will tell meanwhile chemo and radiation seem to have calmed growth of V tumour! How are you doing!x Mine is High Grade E S Sarcoma

Hi Ej, it’s scary how things progressed after your op and how aggressive the cancer is. I can’t imagine how devastated you were but I can see that you’re staying strong and fighting this. I hope that those gray areas were just fluids as you’re not exhibiting any symptoms. As for the new growth the chemo and radiation is highly effective in shrinking or even getting rid of it. It’s what most of us have for our treatments and I’m almost on my 5th week now. What chemo are you on? My side effects were manageable from the treatment itself but my radiologist kinda concerned as I’m still having some light bleeding up to now. They’re hoping it was my period but if I’m still bleeding next week they want to do an exam. So I’m being anxious at the moment. My cancer is squamous cell grade 2. I wish you all the best on your treatments. Please keep us posted. Much love.xx

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Hi M
My chemo is Doxorubicin ( the Red Devil)
So far so good with effects sickness feeling seems to be ok to live with and worse if I leave bigger gaps with eating. I’m surprised I’ve lost over half a stone already in 8 days but managed to max my weight pre chemo to allow for lose during, hows your eating! I’ve heard of positive results from eating lots of vit C ( or taking supplements) plus TTermeric and high PH water so will be asking my Consultant if I can take while on chemo! Hope the bleed nothing and stay strong keep up the good work with chemo xx

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Hi Aj, I’m happy to see your positive spirit ready to fight this. I’m only on cisplatin don’t really suffer w nausea but I always have like flu symptoms feeling feverish and body aches that I have to take paracetamol. In regards w the supplements, my oncology team advised me to not take any while having chemo as it can interact w the efficacy of the treatment. So for now I’m just trying to have a balanced diet, more protein as I also don’t wanna lose more weight and just trying to hydrate more. I would probably do supplements after treatment. How many cycles do you need for the chemo? Much love. Xx


Hi M
Thank you the strong fight is all I have!
I was refused surgery twice and got a third opinion they were more specialised in Sarcomas and said yes!
My chemo is 6 ? So see what scans say after!
I had heard they don’t like people to take extra suppliments while on chemo.
How old are you and are you in uk xostay strong and positive you will beat this!x

Hi Aj, I guess it’s more safe to not take any supplements while on chemo so it won’t interact w the drug efficacy in fighting the cancer cells. They have advised me to just take supplements after treatment along w any other healthy lifestyle changes. I’m 37 and I’m in the US. You have the perfect attitude and mind set in fighting this illness I wish I can be just like you. I’m struggling in that sense and this forum has helped me tremendously. I pray that your scans will show positive results as the chemo and radiation is a great treatment combo. Stay strong and message me anytime.xx