Devastated and scared newly diagnosed

I was diagnosed in june with stage 3 with possibly spread to lungs,which it has. After 3 chemo session’s everything has shrunk by more than half the size. This in it’s self is very positive new’s for me and my consultant is pleased with progress and i know i have a long way to go. I was like you expecting stage 4,but it doesn’t alway’s turn out that way,so try not to stress out to much until you have full picture and a plan for your treatment. Hope you can take something from all the reply’s you have had to your post,they have helped me as well. Try to keep positive and i hope can get through this.:two_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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Omg. So you mean the operation RH did not work or it grew right back? If you don’t mind me asking what type of cancer do you have? It’s so scary how aggressive it is. To grow at 4 cm only after 6 weeks. I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through so much. I’m praying the chemo will be able to get you in remission. Let just keep the faith. Xx

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Hi R, thank you for taking the time to reply. I’m glad that your treatment is working. May I ask when did they see the spread to the lungs? Is it during the CT scan? What current treatment are you on right now? Sorry for all the questions. Sending you lots of strength and prayers. Xx

I had a pet scan as well as mri and ct. Think it came up on mri,but had to have another ct to double check
I’m still on chemo,got 6 sessoin’s. Going for my 5th cycle tomoz. I start radio/chemo in mid Dec,but not asked any further than that. Consultant did mention bracyatherapy,but i said i didn’t want to go that far,i take one treatment at a time,don’t want to get to far ahead,plus i don’t want all that information in my head. To much to think about​:scream::anguished: Stay strong​:two_hearts:

When you said you were initially stage 3 was it after the initial CT scan? The reason why I asked is I was wondering if the spread on the lungs was missed on the CT scan. As I just had the CT Scan a few days ago and the radiologist said my lungs are clear. Now I can’t help but wonder if the MRI will tell otherwise. I hope all your treatment will continue to work and I’m praying for your remission soon. Xx

They thought it could be a few thing’s ,left over from the many chest infection’s over the year’s,a spread from my cervical cancer,another type if cancer or just a lesion on the lung? Was the second ct scan that confirmed it was cancer and because it has responded to the chemo it was the same as the cervical cancer. But my first ct was just lower abdomen,the next one was chest and upper abdomen. So depend’s what they have done for you so far. Will get beta out come from mri i think?
Don’t want this to worry you even more!! But that is how mine went. Will keep my finger’s crossed for you and thank’s for your good wishes. Stay positive and hopeful🙂

Thank you so much for all the info. My CT scan is both abdomen and chest and the radiologist said my lungs are clear. I just thought when you said you had your 1st CT it was including the chest so I thought they’ve missed it the first time. This disease so awful and such a torture physically and mentally. You’ll be included on my prayers and hopefully one day we’ll be both healthy again. Sending lots of love.Xx

How long was the wait between diagnosis until the discussion of treatment? I know everyone is different. I went to private gynecologist and got diagnosed 5 days ago and now being referred to an oncologist which I have to wait 10 days to be seen. I’m worried it will make such a huge difference as my CT scan showing my left ureter is partially blocked. Just mainly the fear of the cancer spreading fast once you got diagnosed.

Hi may I was diagnosed on the 1st of October had ct the same afternoon and mri on the 7th, the panel met on the 12th and I am going for results tomorrow, as you can see I can’t get to sleep because I’m so frightened xx

That didn’t take long and I understand how you feel as I’m feeling the same right now. At least you’re getting answers very soon and will know your treatment plan. I still have to wait for an oncologist appointment in 10 days. Feels like forever. Do you have symptoms up to now? I feel like after the biopsy and ultrasound mine getting worst in terms of the watery discharge has this like brown/black blood w foul odor. Not sure if it’s the tumor bleeding or an infection. Keep me posted about your results and I’m praying for best outcome. Xx

So some of us can’t sleep!! All mine from diagnosis,scan mdt meeting all seemed to go very quick and was scary. The wait for your app does feel a long way off ,but it will soon be here for you. Have you asked anyone about your discharge? If not i think you should. And stupid i know,but in the mean time try not to stress out and worry to much. She say’s replying to you at 5am,but that’s the steroid’s i’m on keeping me awake😧 Best wishes to you,now try and get some sleep,that mean’s you as well dawnann62😄 xx

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Good morning can I ask what your treatment plan is please and what stage you are xx

Hi Dawnann62
I’m on chemo number 5 of 6 at the moment,number 5 2day. Next is radiotherapy in mid Dec. My cancer is stage 4 that’s because of the bit’s in my lung,if it wasn’t for that it would b stage 3.
As i said in previous post everything has shrunk by half and 2 bit’s in my lung have resolved​:+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: that was after 3 chemo session’s.
Saying that i did have tiny bit’s in my lymph nodes which are now resolved as well. So all good at moment and going in right direction i’m pleased to say xx

The specialist nurse indicated yesterday, obviously they can’t say to much that I was more then likely looking at chemo first so it looks like it’s going to be a high stage, most of the ladies have had chemo rads, I’ve only had symptoms since August, spotting on 4 occasions and some pelvic pain most of which was infection but when my cervix was examined it was bleeding and friable xx

what time is your appointment today? You will know soon, try to still be positive. When I had the pelvic exam not only my cervix is friable and bleeds in contact but the gynecologist saw abnormal tissue that prompts her to take biopsy on the spot. Your symptoms are pretty mild compared to mine. Keep us posted. Xx

Hi yes she did the same with me said it looked very high risk and took biopsy straight away, my appointment is at 12 ive hardly had any sleep I just thinking of worse case, thank you for your support it really means a lot xx

Good luck with ur app 2day and i no it hard,but try not 2 worry 2 much :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:xx

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Hi May
Difference of opinions Birm Hosp where surgery took place say grey areas on Scan is very likely fluid caused from the degree of surgery they had to perform!
Worcs Hosp (my local) where I’m getting Rad and Chemo say the grey areas on Scan are new tumours! Ct Scan can show fluid as tumours so it’s :pray:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3: It’s fluid!
The new tumour that has grown on virgina wall is outside the surgery area. Last Radiation tomorrow Imodium seems to have sorted side effects out! Radiation has only been to stop bleed and won’t shrink or stop growth of tumour chemo to start 9th Nov to hopefully get rid of any cells / tumours in belly but not looking hopeful not planning after Christmas as they think this is too aggressive growing to control ! My hope is their wrong and chemo kills it off!

Had results but not what I had hoped for, stage 4 with slight involvement of back passage, lymph nodes and pushing on bladder, treatment to cure, chemo to start with for the spread then radiation to shrink and hopefully get rid of everything, fingers crossed I respond well, I went in there thinking the worse so this was an actual relief, need to get my mind in a better place, eat healthy and get ready for a fight xx

Hi Dawn, focus on what they’ve said that the treatment is to cure. There is hope. Mine is also immediately next to bladder. CT scan said no microscopic invasion but maybe they’re going to do more scans. Are you still gonna do PET scan or already have a treatment date? I am yet to see an oncologist in 10 days and my symptoms are worsening. I fear that by that time it has already invaded my bladder. I also have this watery discharge everyday mixed w I’m not sure what but almost looking like a black dye. I’m just terrified. Sending you lots of hugs and strength. We gotta keep the faith and be strong. I’m here if you need to chat or vent. Xx