Devastated and scared newly diagnosed

I’m very scared right now as I have horrendous symptoms these few months which leads to the diagnosis today. Moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma. I have pain everyday mainly on my left side and left lower back. Im also experiencing shortness of breath sometimes not sure if it’s anxiety or the cancer already spread. I’ve ignored my subtle symptoms from last year like spotting during sex which I had no idea could be cervical cancer. Now I’m waiting for staging but I can feel it in my body that it has already spread. Is there any chance of cure at stage 4? I’m just thinking the worst and in a dark place right now. Im sorry for venting here it’s just different when you talk to people who are in the same boat.

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Hello sorry you are going through this I’m also Worried sick I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago have had mri and ct scan since and am now waiting for a stage after the MDT meeting on Tuesday, I’m also thinking it’s stage 4 but like you have only had a few spots of blood and pelvic pain but my cervix look really bad when I was examined, the waiting is just torture isn’t it, I hope you get your answers soon xx

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Hi thank you for your reply. I’m sorry to hear you’re on the same boat. I went to the gynecologist for pelvic exam she immediately saw some abnormal tissue on my cervix and took the biopsy. But I’ve been bleeding for the past 3 months on and off w watery discharge and pelvic and back pain. So I’m expecting the worst right now. I can’t believe when you’re diagnosed w this illness you kinda bargain and pray for at least stage 3 just to have a glimpse of hope that it’s still curable. Did you have any symptoms prior to your diagnosis?

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I’m sorry you’re feeling so worried and frightened right now.
I know of someone who was stage 4, it had spread to her kidneys too but was fully treatable and she’s now fine!!
Try and stay positive.
Thinking of you xx


Hi, i was very similar and left my symptoms for over a year as I had family stuff going on, when i eventually went i was diagnosed and had stage 3.

Try not too worry to much i know its hard but i had bleeding randomly and after sex and also had pains in back, legs and stomach area and mine hadn’t spread. I had radiotherapy, chemo and brachytherapy and have been all clear for 2 years.

Here if you have any questions or if you need a chat. X


Thank you for the positive thoughts as I badly need one right now. I guess it’s because I’ve left mine far too long and now I have nausea and chest pains which could only indicate the spread to my organs. It’s so overwhelming to think that you’re dying soon cuz they can’t cure you anymore. It’s just so sad. Thank you for all the support ladies and I’m glad you’re doing well now and out of this nightmare.

Honestly please don’t think that way, do you have family and friends you can speak to?

The nurses/staff are amazing and will support you through this. Have you been staged yet or are you waiting on scans etc? X

Hi, did raditherapy n chemotherapy took a toll on your health like hair falling off or your body getting weak ?

Hi Adeela sorry to hear you are going through this is you scroll through the topics some of the ladies describe there side effects, i havnt had my results yet there due on Tuesday so I’m not in that position just yet

It didn’t with me it really surprised me. The chemo was fine as i was given steroids and anti sickness tablets and the radiotherapy was fine as well that just made me feel tired from time to time. Towards the end of radiotherapy i did get a sore down below in terms of burning when urinating and it was quite tender but that was due to the treatment.
Overall it was no where near as bad as i thought it would be x

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Back in 2010 I was very scared, terrified, in permenant flight mode, I really began to think I was going off my head. Then I had a serious talk with myself, got a big diary and decided to write in it evry day until the end of treatment. I still have it, in the back of my cupboard. I found during the process of scans and treatment, reading back how I felt, and how I had progressed was very helpful to my peace of mind. In the end I realised it is the unknown we are scared of, and as we progress with scans and treatment we become more knowledgable and less frightened. I hope your journey is a safe and sucessful one, mine was here I am 11 years on at age 75. God bless and safe journey


It’s always a relief knowing some women get through this illness. It’s always the constant fear from the moment you knew you have cancer and I know even after the treatment as the fear of it coming back. But I guess worrying and stressing doesn’t change anything and might as well just take one step at a time. Easier said than done though. Hopefully the oncology department calls me soon so I’ll know better as I’m in so much pain everyday. The lower back pain in my left is terrible. The CT scan shows my left ureter is partially blocked and I’m hoping it’s just the tumor pressing on it and not a spread.
Sending love and strength to all. Xx

Mine was staged at 2b so don’t give up hope mine was contained in womb/ Cervix! Sending hope and strength to you both

Hi M
I just want to reach out and give you a hug. So my sister had the same symptoms you described, actually worse. I came on her for her as she was just toooo scared to even look up ANYTHING. She has been having heavy bleeding in between periods for over a year, large cloths in her period, weight loss, loss of appetite, large large bleeds. We were able to speed up the diagnosis as we were able to go private, it was a dark week whilst we waited. We got the news on Wednesday that her cancer is curable, it was stage 3 but ‘just’ as it had spread to only one lymph node. We felt very lucky. She starts treatment in 2 weeks. She is using pain relief to manage her pain. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Sending soooo much love.


Hi Ajj, thanks for the reply. How are you doing now? Since when did you finish treatment? Sending hugs and much love. Xx

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Hi Spygirl26, thank you for the response. I’m glad your sister is finally gonna be able to start treatment. I too was so scared to know but I knew it in my guts that it’s cervical cancer. It was just these last almost 4 months that I have pain everyday, I’m also on pain reliever everyday. It feels like forever each day as I wait for the oncology team to contact me as my gynecologist said she’ll refer me. Stage 3 is totally curable, at this point I’m also praying that I at least have stage 3. As I had the CT scan the other day and the radiologist said my left ureter is partially blocked causing my left kidney to swell. I’m hoping it hasn’t spread on my bladder or ureter which for sure they will investigate more and do probably MRI. Constant fear and being paranoid w every ache thinking it has spread. Anyway, I’m gonna be praying for your sister and hoping one day we’ll be both free from this awful disease. Keep us posted. Xx

No stage yet, but had a CT scan the other day and the radiologist said he doesn’t see any distant spread however the cancer is immediately next to my bladder altho he doesn’t see any microscopic spread which is a good sign but my left ureter is partially blocked causing my left kidney to swell. Concern and hoping that it didn’t spread there that’s why there’s a blockage, hopefully the tumor is just pressing on it. But according to the CT scan my tumor is 3.4 cm and I’m thinking is that big enough to cause the blockage? Maybe their next step is MRI to know for sure. I know if it has spread to my bladder/ ureter it will put me into stage 4. At this point I have no choice but to wait and pray.

They are not sure if tumour is growing back or fluid showing up on ct scan also Had a reoccurrence and so palliative care now 5 sessions of pelvic Radiation I’m on 3 now and then hard core chemo doxorubicin
Once a week for 3 weeks!
Bodies not playing ball at the mo radiation sickness ! How are things going for you x

Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear you had a recurrence. Cancer sucks. Why can’t it just be gone for good after treatment. But I can see that you’re strong and I have heard many stories of being in remission even after recurrence. How long were you on remission before the recurrence? I’ll be praying for you. Sending you lots of hugs and strength. Xx

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I started bleeding again about 6 weeks after op and at 7 weeks it was 4cm, so no remission as such! Hope you get a plan of action soon! The radiation has eased my discomfort of sitting and has eased the bleed! Imodium seems to have sorted the upset tummy now from radiation x