Detecting cancer

Hi ladies
So I have had a colcoscopy in August that picked up cgin and recently had lletz treatment. The nurse told me that the cells came away easily and she couldn’t see anything concerning. The biopsies have been sent off and have a MDT meeting to discuss everything so just have to wait now. My question is if I had cancer would this have been picked up already by the colcoscopy and the lletz or is it still possible that it could come back as cancer? Thanks

Hi @sunshine24

I had my LLETZ treatment at the end of July, when I had this done the consultant did not mention any concerns to me other than I’ll have another smear in 6 months, so was positive. Last week after my results went to MDT it was confirmed that I had early stages of CC and was graded at 1a1, I’ve since had a MRI Scan and will be having a 2nd LLETZ soon.

I think they know more once it’s been sent through to be checked. However It does make me think that maybe the consultant possibly knew that not all cells could be reached.

It probably doesn’t answer your question however your consultant seemed positive about yours.

Fingers Crossed for you

Hi @sunshine24

The only thing which can give a definitive answer is a biopsy, when the cells go to the lab. My gynaecologist wouldn’t say I had cancer until the pathology results came back and I had a 3.7cm visible tumour. He just referred to it as a “lesion” though he would have been absolutely certain, I’m sure, that it was cancer. But it might have been a benign polyp.

I’m glad he didn’t say anything at the time of the biopsy as it saved me from potentially a very anxious wait for my results.

Hi Smim
Thanks very for the reply,I am so sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with cc,have they said what the treatment plans will be? So I guess really I just have to wait now then as anything could be possible at this point. Will just have to stay positive and keep myself busy for the next month or 2 or I will drive myself insane thinking about it x

Hi lilypingu
I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis,did they say what stage is was? I hope that everything is going well for you. Will have to keep busy and wait for results :roll_eyes:,like you said,I suppose the not knowing throughout the wait is better than knowing something might be wrong, hopefully won’t be too long before I find out x

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Hi @sunshine24

This was almost 4 years ago for me, so I’m fine thanks. Staging was done after scans, so it’s not something they can say from a biopsy.

Hope you don’t have too much longer to wait, but try not to worry too much-you cannot change whatever the result is, but hopefully all will be well for you. x

Thanks lilypingu
And amazing that it’s been 4 years and all is well,did you have an advanced stage? Yep,need to not worry and just deal with the next hurdle when it comes along :relaxed:

Unfortunately yes, I had advanced cancer since it recurred after my treatment. x

Hi lilypingu
I’m so sorry to hear that,how are things at the moment? Are you still receiving treatment? Xx

Hi Sunshine

No, I’m not on any treatment now-my recurrence was quite soon after my successful first line treatment and was dealt with by surgery. I’m doing ok though! x

Ahhh that’s amazing news,well I will be sure to keep everyone posted once I get my results. My fiance is going in for a big spinal operation tomorrow so we will be focusing on the recovery for that for a little while so that should take my mind off things untill we get the results xx

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Oh gosh, you’ll have a lot to deal with in terms of your fiancé’s op-should definitely keep your mind off your wait. Hope all goes well for you both. x


So next for me is find out my MRI results, then have a 2nd LLETZ, and then if unsuccessful he mentioned about having a hysterectomy I’ve completed my family so happy if it as to come to this

Hopefully you will find out soon, just try not to worry too much. :slight_smile:

Take care x

Hi Smim
Thanks for the reply,I hope everything goes well for you. I must just stop worrying. I have read so many stories on here explaining that cc is highly treatable so whatever the results I shall be ready for whatever comes my way I hope xx

They have to do biopsy to be certain but the nurses have a very good idea of what they are looking at. I can remember telling me that she had no doubt at all that it was not cancer. So you can feel very reassured by that xx