desperately worried

hi all, i had a smear back in january, and to keep it short ended up havibg a fischer cone biopsy under g/a. i was sent a let'ter in the post saying " further to your visit to my colposcopy clinic, i have the results of the lab tests performed on the biopsy taken from the neck of the womb. I am pleased to confirm tht there is nothibg to serious. The abnormal cells appear to have been effectively treated at the time. No further treatment is warrented. we will see you in six months to assess the neck of the womb further wuth smear, colposcopy and hpv testing."

PHEEEWWWWW or so i thought. three months later i went to my gp because i hadnt had a period and definately wasnt pregnant. and she read me a different letter she recived from the hospital..... quite a different letter with terminology that i just didnt under stand 

"The patient attended clinic for fischer cone biopsy on 17 th april 2012. Histology revealed CIN III, Treatment outcome ? Incomplete at (Ecto Cx margin) will be reviewing patient at colposcopy clinic with smear and HPV testing in six months  time and you will be kept informed of her progress"



erm, why wasnt I told that it wasnt clear margins???? And surely I should be back in sooner? I'm very worried!!!!!! I dont know what to think any more!!!!!

would also like to ask what questions do i ask at my appoibtment at my follow up next week???? Ive also just recently changed my address, ive moved from london to liverpool and can i have my appoibtmebts switched to up here, Ive kept this appointment because i didnt want to get lost in the system and end up waiting longer for another appointment. 

Hi Natalie,

              You should definately ask at your follow up appointment if there is something that you are not sure about. They need to explain to you exactly what is happening and you need to be active in the decisions being made. If you dont feel comfortable being left 6 months you need to come to a compromise. With regards to moving areas all treatment should be transfered to a a facility near you. I'm not entirely sure how you go about that exactly as i requested at a GP to be moved hospitals, so maybe if you register with a new GP and then explain when you see them your history they might be able to transfer your information to the relevant consultant.

Hope this helps

Megan x


I had a similar result after my lletz and like you was really worried that I had to wait 6 months to see why my margins were not clear at ecto. I decided to ring hospital to talk about it and was glad I did because I was told the machine had malfunctioned which is why they couldn’t comment on the margins being clear. They did say that if they were worried they would have called me back in but they werent which is why I was waiting until 6 months. Maybe ring them and put your mind at ease x

im actually on my way to colposcopy clinic to have my six month check up. very scared, at the thought ofwhat they might do AND of what they might say :o( but thank you for answering my questions. Its all the waiting around for answers and no one at the hospital/drs seem to have much sympathy. I always feel like im over reacting or being a hypercondriact!!! But i feel like being cautious is much better ten bot worrying x