Desperately worried. Kids mentioned.

Hi ladies. I feel a bit of a fraud for posting here as I haven’t actually been diagnosed… yet. However, the smear sub section is rather quiet and things are certainly heading that way. I remember posting on jo’s a few years ago, post natally, I’d had a CIN1 smear and irregular bleeding. I chose to have it treated, cold coagulation. I had two clear follow up smears in clinic and was discharged summer 2011. I began having severe right ovary pain around April last year, two scans and examinations and I was told its probably bowel related. Stupidly, I learnt to live with the pain, looking after my youngest daughter who has developmental issues, trying to get her settled into school and obtain the appropriate tests for her and my eldest daughter who has been diagnosed with premature adrenache and who has just had an MRI… meant that I’ve put my own symptoms on hold. This was until the post coital bleeding I’ve been dismissing since last September ( I thought it was initially from my episiotomy scar tissue as it was extremely sore at times and did actually bleed) has become bright red and plenty of. Ive been examined over 5 times, cervix looks healthy, no ectropy to explain the bleeding. My smear (8 weeks ago) was normal. However, we come to appreciate they don’t always pick up the abnormals. Which is what I think has happened. I’ve been urgently referred back to colposcopy, urgently referred for a laparoscopy with hysteroscopy too. My abnormal borderline cells a few years back were what I think they call ‘top hat’, around the entrance to the cervix and I’m now convinced they’ve always been further up and missed. I’m 25, have two beautiful young girls and a lovely new partner after years of an abusive relationship, I feel like I’ve lost it all already. Oh and I have the other symptoms too, horrendous lower back pain that has stopped me sleeping. Lots of difficulty with number twos, abdo pain, especially the ovary pain. I feel such a fool for thinking being discharged from colposcopy clinic and clear ultrasounds were my key to feeling safe. Thank you for reading. Kate xxxx

Hi kate,

I would go back to your gp or gynae doctor and demand they check you over again hun.

These symptoms cannot be left, you need to get to the route of the problem.  Especially seeing you have a history of abnormal cells.

The doctor wont think bad of you, if they check you out and come back clear, thats what doctors are there for.

I know how easy it is to put your own symptoms aside for the sake of sorting your own kids out, as i did that myself, But you wont be any good to them if you dont look after yourself hun.

Go back to the gp or gynae, and demand they look you over and take you seriously hun.

Fingers crossed they will sort you out hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks very much for the reply hun. I have been referred today, so hopefully I should hava had the op and been back to the colposcopy clinic within 4 weeks as she marked my referral as urgent. The waiting is going to be horrendous :( xxxx

I agree with Heidi. You deserve answers, and you should be given them. Explain how worried and scared you are feeling and how it’s impacting on your life.

I would say that there are a lot of things that can cause these symptoms, such as polyps, but you need your mind put at rest.

I really hope you get on ok,please keep us posted if you can x x x

Oh and the waiting sucks…but take comfort that you are in the system x x

thankuou for the reply, I'll definitely keep posted. I'm glad to be back in the system, just so mad I waited!! Xxxx