Desperate - Hoping someone will buy Immodium Melts in the U.K. for me

This is a somewhat random request and I hope it's allowed in the forum. I have GI issues from my radiation therapy (brachytherapy and external beam). Regular Immodium pills don't absorb well and don't work well for me. The melts that dissolve in your mouth work great for me. But they're not sold in the US where I live. I can buy them on Amazon, but for some reason I can only buy one box at a time. I try to buy from multiple sellers but right now there's only one seller. Is there anyone who would be willing to buy a lot of these and ship them to me? I would be happy to pay in advance on Venmo. I know this is a big ask but I'm desperate!

Thank you,


I'd be more the happy to help out, but I think it might be problematic to send medicine , you might get in trouble with customs

 The component in imodium is called Loperamide, you might want do a search on that  name instead of the brand name, maybe there are generic brands available


If you can look.into the whole.customs thing , I'd be more then happy to send you imodium from.the netherlands, it's available everywhere here


Hi Izzy - I appreciate your offer to help! The orally dissolving drug is not available in the US under any name, unfortunately. I don't know why. I can buy it on Amazon but I have to pay $1 per tablet and can only order one box of 6 or 12 at a time, and it takes weeks to get here because it comes from the UK. Everything I could dig up on shipping over the counter medications to the US says they have to be FDA approved. I know regular Immodium is FDA approved, but I don't know if the dissolving ones are.  Not sure if that makes this request too risky. 

I just did a quick search and from what I gather it is indeed illigal to send out drugs, even the over the counter ones. I'll call the Dutch custom service and see if there is a way to do this, I'll keep you updated 

I just came off the phone with customs, and there is no legal way to get them mailed to you. Chances are 100% they will be intercepted at either Dutch customs leaving the country or when they slip through , they will be intercepted at US customs


The lady over the phone told me you might be able to purchase them through your doctor, have them sent to your doctor.  


The only way I can get them to you is bring them myself, which I'd love to do but it's bit expensive.



What an extremely kind person you are Izzzy to go to all that trouble. 

I have over the counter Imodium in both capsule and tablet form so it might be that you could find the tablets somewhere if you can't find the melts Nic and they might work better than capsules.

The other alternative is codeine phosphate. That works really well on an irradiated gut but it can be addictive so you should have only the smallest dose. In the UK you can buy it over the counter in combination with paracetamol (I think you call it acetaminophen) in tiny doses but it is sufficient to help.



Ahw thank you Karen, no trouble at all. I just feel really bad about the fact that a simple over the counter pill is helping Slicnic but they aren't available. 

Hi Izzy - Thank you SO much for doing all that legwork to try to help me! Based on what you found I've written the current seller on Amazon to see if they'd be willing to let me buy more at one time. I only use a couple every week or so, so it's not like I need a ton, just would like to stock up a bit in case the Amazon seller runs out. Based on what you learned, I'm going to see if a friend who goes to Canada regularly will smuggle me some back! 
Karen - Good suggestion on the tablets but I have the same issue with them as well. They take a lot longer to work for me (while I'm hoping I don't have an accident at work or wherever I am) and don't work as well due to my lack of absorbtion. I have the same issue with iron pills which is why I now have to get IV iron transfusions. So fun!

I'll keep looking for some drug smuggling options (so silly!) and I appreciate both of your advice and help!

Lol I did the same, a little Breaking Bad action never hurt anyone 

I just pictured the headline " Dutch woman arrested for smuggling anti-diahrrea drugs"

Hi Nic

Have you tried loperamide oral solution? I've just googled it and it came up on a US website as FDA approved (I'm UK) Might be worth a shot if you're able to get it from your pharmacy? 

Ha! I was thinking the same thing. Crazy addicts like me who really don't want to have diarrhea!

Hi Wendy - I have tried it and it didn't work as well for me. Plus they're very careful with it in the US given the opioid issue. But thank you for the recommendation!

Hi Slicknic

How did you get on? Were you able to get your hands on some imodium? 

Hi Southofthelake! Thank you for checking in. I've been able to order one box at a time from a few different UK sellers on Amazon, plus when borders open back up I have a friend who goes to Canada often and I think he will be able to get me a lot so I have an emergency supply. So far so good!